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Epically Fun Facts about the Cannabis Plant

There's nothing like a joint and a group of friends to raise a bit of a snicker. Why not take things to a higher Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 9.53.24 place and share a few entertaining anecdotes about your favorite plant? 

The history of cannabis is awash with facts guaranteed to make you smile. Lie back and relax as we share with you fifteen of the best.

1. Cannabis, the Miracle Healer

The first reference we know of which suggests that cannabis was used for medicinal purposes dates back to 2737 BC.

The legendary Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung recorded an account of the beneficial effects. It was apparently used to treat rheumatism and aches from gout.

2. Paint That Canvas!

The actual word 'canvas' is derived from the Latin word cannabis meaning hemp. That's because canvas was traditionally made from hemp for portraits as well as for tents. 

The ropes and sails of the Mayflower were all made from hemp fiber. The ship transported the Pilgrims from the south of England to the Americas in the seventeenth century. 

The first drafts of the American Declaration of Independence were written on paper made out of hemp.

3. Who's the Daddy?

Paraguay is thought to be the world’s biggest producer of cannabis. Cannabis use in the U.S.A. is three times greater than the global average, with men twice as likely to smoke it.

It's thought about six thousand Americans try cannabis for the first time every day.

4. Cannabis and the Law 

From 1850 to 1942, cannabis was listed in the American list of medicinal drugs as being a useful remedy. It was used to treat nausea and rheumatism, as well as ease labor pains. It was easy to get hold of at the local general store or pharmacy.

5. Bob Marley's Burial

The international musical and cultural icon was buried with his red Gibson guitar, a  cannabis bud and the Bible open at Psalm 23.

It makes that particular scripture seem even more poignant and appropriate: "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures." 

Rastafarians are permitted to legally possess cannabis in Italy because it's seen as a religious sacrament. 

6. Canadian Trail Blazers

Canada was the first country across the globe to offer medical cannabis to pain-suffering patients back in 2003.

Seven years before that, California was the first American state to legally permit medical cannabis. This was for use by patients who were recommended to take it by their doctor.

Taking a step further back in time and the Chinese used cannabis seeds as a source of food way back in 6000 B.C.

7. What's in a Name?

Everywhere has its own name for cannabis. It's thought there could be up to two hundred English slang words for it.

Here are a few: pot, herb, grass, weed, Mary Jane, dope, reefer, bang, rope, root, boo, whacky baccy, and ganja. How many more names can you come up with?

8. Hooray for Hollyweed!

A 30-year-old artist was arrested in January 2017 in a prank in which white tarps were used to make the Los Angeles 'Hollywood' sign read 'Hollyweed.'

Zachary Cole Fernandez turned himself in just over a week afterward. He was booked on suspicion of trespassing. The caper was said to be a nod to California’s recent vote to legalize recreational marijuana.

9. It's a Spider's Web

In a legendary scientific experiment, spiders which were high on cannabis were seen spinning very sloppy webs. They also lost concentration very easily and gave up in the end. 

A similar batch of spiders which were high on LSD wove webs which were even more perfectly geometric in shape than when they were sober.

10. That's a Lot of Energy!

The amount of energy required to make just over two pounds of cannabis indoors is staggering. It's equivalent what you would need to drive five times across the U.S.A. in a car that got just over forty miles to the gallon.

Every pound of cannabis grown indoors leads to several thousand pounds of carbon monoxide being released.

11. Treating Serious Illnesses

Researchers say cannabis can treat a number of different physical and mental illnesses. These include chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression. 

It's also found to be beneficial to those who suffer from multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, and epilepsy. Because of this and other factors, the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing in America. 

12. Can Cannabis Be Harmful?

Studies have shown that both alcohol and smoking tobacco are far more harmful to one's health than cannabis. Tobacco is one of the most addictive plants on the planet when smoked.

When used as a recreational drug, cannabis is far less harmful than harder drugs such as cocaine and heroin. It is also almost impossible to overdose by taking cannabis.

13. Ashes to Ashes

After Tupac Shakur’s murder, members of his music group Outlawz mixed his ashes with cannabis and smoked the combo as a joint. 

They had a small memorial for him with his family. They smoked the concoction on the beach and filled up with chicken wings and orange soda, two of the rapper's favorites at barbecues.

14. Cannabis and Colorado

Denver, Colorado was where the first arrest for cannabis possession took place in October 1937. Times have certainly changed. Places you can buy recreational cannabis in Colorado outnumber Starbucks outlets by three to one.

Since cannabis was legalized in the state of Colorado, highway fatalities hit an all-time low.

15. Cannabis Was an Internet First

The first thing ever bought and sold on an early version of the web was a big bag of cannabis. The Stanford students responsible knew a good thing. The drug triggers the production of dopamine which can make you feel good.

Researchers have also found out that chocolate produces some similar reactions in the brain as cannabis. Now there's a perfect combination!

Hope You Enjoyed the Trip!

The compilation of fun facts about the cannabis plant is made for sharing and there to make you smile.