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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Wolf: Brother of the Dog

Dawn Watson/CNBNews Contributor


      WolfDogs possess the inherent qualities of pack animals. That is, if it’s true that they are descended from wolves, and wolves travel in packs then dogs too, are pack animals. It is upon this basis that Brother of the Wolf, LLC was founded.


   According to DNA research coyote is the cousin of the dog, showing fewer characteristics of the behavior of a dog, while wolf is the brother of the dog. The name, Brother of the Wolf indicates that studying wolf hierarchy can be applied to training a family dog.


 While it’s true that a pug looks nothing like a wolf it’s also true that, if you study the pug intently you will see that he stalks his prey (food dish, treat, toy), barks out warnings of intruders (mailman, strange noises), and will show dominance or submission toward another of his pack if one claims the Alpha role.


   Reading about wolves is fascinating and you may be surprised at how “wolf-like” Fido acts when you compare his behavior to that of his brother!  


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Wado udohiyu, (Thank you very much in the Cherokee language)

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