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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Know Your Breed

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   2017-11-03_15.21.08_resizedIf you are thinking about adopting or purchasing a dog, there is a lot you should know. For example, some breeds (or mixes of breeds) need lots of room to run around and exercise. These are the herding and/or working breeds.


   A Border collie, German Shepherd, Australian Shepherd, or similar breed needs a job to do. If left to their own devices, these dogs can wreak havoc in your home. They are extremely intelligent and need mental and physical stimulation.


   A small breed, with the exception of a Basenji, does not need much room but craves the companionship of humans or other dogs in order to be truly content.


   A Basenji is a small, herding dog that has more of a yodel than a bark. Don’t be fooled by their exotic sound or appearance: in their native surroundings it only takes two of these little dogs to stalk and bring down a lion.


   If you’re wondering while your husky pulls while walking, it’s likely you haven’t read up on breed traits. Likewise, if you know your breed’s traits and choose to ignore his or her needs, you are doing him a disservice.


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