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Meet Goldie


by Lauren Hathaway

Goldie is a beautiful and mild mannered goat that was rescued from a slaughter auction. Lisa Miskella remembers the day at this particular auction quite well. “There were hundreds of goats and sheep packed into a corral with no place to move around. I knew that I only had the space to adopt one or two from the group. I noticed Goldie looking at me and watching me walk around the room. No matter where I stood, she found a way to get through the crowded pen to stand in front of me. She chose me! Like many of our other rescues, she had lice and parasites. She also had a severe ear infection where the #39 identification tag was punched through. I’m happy to report that Goldie is healed and thriving at the farm! It’s so fun to watch her as she has taken on the role of “mother” to all of the younger rescues,” says Lisa.


Unfortunately, many of the laws against animal neglect focus on companion animals like dogs and cats and fail to include farm animals. Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary (FFAS) in Middleburg, CT, works relentlessly towards its mission to rescue farm animals who have been neglected, abused, starved, or abandoned. The non-profit organization provides them with food, shelter, and medical care so that they can live the remainder of their lives free from pain and suffering.  


The animals that reside on the farm are all in dire situations, whether they are about to be sold to slaughter or have signs of illness that have prompted their sale or abandonment. FFAS focuses on the situation of the animal regardless of age, and takes in animals of all ages and abilities, from those that are babies to those in their golden years. The animals, including goats, sheep, chickens, duck and rabbits will have a forever home at Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary. 


How can you help? With additional funding support, Freedom Farm Sanctuary can build a facility to care for over one hundred animals each year, each of which will be rescued and given a forever home with food, shelter and medical care. Lisa and her staff work tirelessly to raise the awareness of the plight of mistreated animals through outreach programs, school visits and animal sponsorship opportunities.


Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary’s staff of dedicated volunteers runs entirely on individual donations and sponsorships. If you would like to learn more, you can visit


Bio: Lisa Miskella, founder of Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary has a diploma in animal psychology, animal behavior and is certified in goat husbandry.  She has  always had compassion for animals.  As a young girl, she was constantly sneaking home animals and hiding them in her room. She always planned on having profession in animal care but her life took a different path.
 In 2012, Lisa was diagnosed with cancer. After her recovery, she had an overwhelming need to make her life meaningful and worthwhile.  She knew right away that wanted to work with rescue animals. “I love all animals but I felt like the farmed animals desperately needed a voice”. Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary opened in 2018.