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60 Members of the Philadelphia Fire Department are Promoted

gloucestercitynews.net | March 10, 2019

The Philadelphia Fire Department recognized more than 60 newly promoted members and honored several partner agencies on Friday at its semi-annual Promotion & Awards Ceremony at the Temple University Performing Arts Center.

“I’m very honored to have this opportunity today to promote so many members – more than 375 combined years of experience,” said Fire Commissioner Adam K. Thiel.

Managing Director Brian Abernathy thanked the members and their families for the sacrifices they’ve made in service to the city. He noted the Kenney administration has allocated more resources to the PFD over the past three years, increasing its operating budget by nearly $48 million — or about 20 percent.

“You all do extraordinary things despite some significant challenges,” Abernathy said. “The investments we’ve made, and will continue to make in this Department, are important to us. They are overdue, and it will take time to catch up after years of under-investment.”

The ceremony, held on International Women’s Day, included the promotion of Fire Lt. Cecilia Ortiz to Captain — the first Latina to hold the rank. Capt. Ortiz has been with the PFD for more than 14 years, working at Engine 61, in the Recruitment Unit, and now at the Fire Academy. She also helped start the Fire Explorersprogram for young adults interested in careers in fire service or EMS.

Also, several agencies received Partnership Awards for their support of the PFD’s mission:

  • Penn’s Division of Public Safety: For partnering with the PFD on its first alternative response unit, an innovative way to respond to non-traumatic injuries in the Penn community.
  • Health Department: For partnering with the PFD on its second alternative response unit — this one focusing on the opioid epidemic as part of the Philadelphia Resilience Project.
  • Tower Health: For partnering with the PFD on a program to train EMTs to become paramedics.
  • Office of the Medical Examiner: For their compassion and professionalism on the PFD’s worst days.
  • Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority: For helping the PFD to set up its new battalions and division.
  • Office of Fleet Management: For helping the PFD to acquire and maintain our vehicles.
  • Department of Public Property: For helping the PFD with station improvements.


Fire Battalion Chief to Fire Deputy Chief

  • Orin Joiner
  • Charles Johnson
  • Leroy Ruffin

Fire Paramedic Service Chief to Fire Paramedic Deputy Chief

  • Eric Crouch

Fire Captain to Fire Battalion Chief

  • Brian Teears
  • Robert Wilson
  • Andrew Thomas
  • David Abecunas
  • Peter Crespo
  • Kamau Bright
  • Edward Collins
  • Vincent Coughlin
  • Patrick Turner
  • Stephen Healy
  • Scott Yoder
  • Shawn Glynn
  • James Babst
  • Theophilus Watkins

Fire Service Paramedic Captain to Fire Paramedic Service Chief

  • Beth Glynn
  • Brian Ackerman

Fire Lieutenant to Fire Captain

  • Christopher Weber
  • Ryan Hill
  • Cecilia Ortiz
  • Jose Perez
  • Patrick Moran
  • Christopher Murtaugh
  • Steven Olszewski
  • Matthew Rock
  • Edward Kozole
  • Joseph Farrell
  • Stephanie Gorman
  • George Cooper
  • Derek Bowmer

Fire Service Paramedic Lieutenant to Fire Service Paramedic Captain

  • Tabitha Boyle

Firefighter to Fire Lieutenant

  • Matthew Costello
  • Julio Adorno
  • Matthew Bradway
  • Kevin Walter
  • Christine McCloskey
  • Kareem Reese
  • William Slook
  • Jesse Scott
  • Jeffery Schrader
  • Brian Bohanan
  • John Flynn
  • Benjamin Serfass
  • Stephen Rizzo
  • Daniel Tygh
  • Kevin McMonagle
  • Anthony Pace
  • Christopher Wallis
  • Christopher Beck
  • Jason Davis
  • James Carr
  • Joseph Woods
  • Gagan Kumar
  • William Polzin

Fire Service Paramedic to Fire Service Paramedic Lieutenant

  • Wayne Morrison
  • Harold Cofer
  • Theodore Heintzelman
  • Mary Preston
  • Josue Clement
  • Charles Moore
  • William Stahl

Clerk 3 to Clerical Supervisor

  • Linda McCue