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WARNING! Violent Video: Suspect Fires Gun at Police Officer Who Returns Fire Killing Him

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Javier Hernandez Morales was arrested several times -- but authorities reportedly refused to place an ICE detainer on him.


Napa, California (February 22, 2019) — The Napa County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday (February 20, 2019) released body-worn camera footage from a weekend police shooting that killed an armed motorist, and it appears to show that the motorist fired at the deputy first before she shot back and killed him.

Napa County Sheriff’s Deputy Riley Jarecki was on solo patrol Sunday night when she checked on a driver parked on the 1100 block of Henry Road in a southern part of the county, said Henry Wofford, a sheriff’s spokesman. In the 48-second clip, Jarecki approaches the driver, identified Wednesday afternoon as Javier Hernandez Morales, and shines a bright flashlight into the red car parked on the 1100 block of Henry Road. She walks to the driver’s side, raps on the glass and repeatedly asks Hernandez Morales to roll down the window.

Twelve seconds after Jarecki’s initial request, Hernandez Morales whips out a gun, firing at least one shot at her at point-blank range. The body camera footage gets shaky as the deputy races away from the driver’s window. Responding officers declared Hernandez Morales dead at the scene. A firearm was recovered from the car, officials said. Jarecki was not injured and has been placed on administrative leave, which is standard under department protocol, they said.

According to the department’s Facebook page, Jarecki was sworn in as a deputy sheriff on June 20, 2018. Wofford said the incident is being investigated by the Napa County Major Crimes Task Force, a panel that includes the Sheriff’s Department, the Napa Police Department and the office of the Napa County district attorney.

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Immigration officials said Thursday that the shooting and the man’s death could have been prevented, but California’s state law prohibited them from arresting the Mexican citizen with a long rap sheet and multiple deportations. see Fox News report


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