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THE LENT CHALLENGE AT Epiphany Church of Gloucester City

By Pastor Joe
Lent is a season that many Christians around the world seek to prepare themselves
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spiritually to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. At Epiphany Church of Gloucester City we are extending a challenge open to people of all backgrounds in four ways.
PRAY - Join us in the Church office at 7-7:30 am Monday thru Friday for prayer, starting Ash Wednesday on March 6th. Come and listen, or offer a prayer whatever you are comfortable with, enter the First Baptist Building through the side door on Sussex St.
FAST - Give up something, like Netflix, that morning coffee, hot meals you might have ordered out. Take this as an opportunity to live on less, and invite God into your life.
GIVE - We are seeking to raise $1,000, so every dollar you give will be matched, raising $2,000 all of which will go to serve local families.
SERVE - We will be taking every dollar, and doubling it to provide 400 Gloucester City families a full Easter Meal. We need your help packing, delivering and processing all of these requests!
We join the Easter Outreach, an effort of more than 60 churches which is in its 9th year, with a goal of raising $120,000, providing 10,000 families an Easter dinner, as well as providing life saving clean drinking water in South Sudan. To find out more how you can join us in the LENT CHALLENGE, call us at 856-432-2118 or email us at