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Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 13.45.53TRENTON, NJ (January 31, 2019)--The New Jersey State Senate has passed legislation sponsored by Senator Robert Singer to prevent NJ Transit customers from being forced to cope with additional fare hikes. The legislation, SJR-54, would establish a task force charged with finding alternative ways to fund climbing expenses at the troubled agency.

“Asking commuters to pay more for this service is wrong,” Senator Singer said. “This is not the time for fare hikes. We have made good progress enacting reforms that will fix our broken transit system, but we need to dig deeper, particularity when it comes to exploring alternative revenue sources. This task force may be the key to discovering how we can finally get NJ Transit back on track.”

The New Jersey Transit Alternative Revenue Task Force,” as established by Singer’s SJR-54, would focus on exploring every potential opportunity for NJ Transit to generate new revenue, without increasing fares.

45 percent of NJ Transit’s operating and maintenance costs are currently funded through farebox revenues. Only 4 percent of operation funding is derived from commercial revenues.

“Better advertising, business-to-business programs, real estate development, and public-private partnerships are just some of the opportunities NJ Transit could grab on to, in order to boost revenue and save money,” Senator Singer added. “Commuting is expensive and stressful for anyone who has to use public transit in New Jersey. Let’s not make it harder than it has to be. It’s time for NJ Transit to do right by rail and bus riders. I am glad to see my colleagues in the Senate get on board with this legislation, and I hope to see it enacted as soon as possible.

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