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Middle Creek, Pa Snow Geese Migration Beginning

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  • MIDDLE CREEK WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA-- Groups of birds have started to arrive at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area, located in Lebanon and Lancaster counties. The Hunting warm spell we had in the middle of the week allowed the main lake to unfreeze in certain areas and melt most of the snow covering nearby fields.
    At this point there are roughly 10,000 snow geese. With the forecasted weather to stay above freezing, the bulk of the migration should be starting shortly.
The Pennsylvania Game Commission reminds the public that snow goose numbers can change dramatically in hours and the best times to see them at Middle Creek are at dawn and dusk.
Today most of the birds left Middle Creek to feed around 6:45 a.m. Other waterfowl species are starting to arrive in masses including many duck species, Canada geese, and Tundra swans.
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    Photo credit: Jacob Dingel
    CNBNews Editor's Note:

    The Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is a 6,000-acre (24 km2) Wildlife Management Area located in Lancaster and Lebanon counties, Pennsylvania.[1] It is managed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

    The area lakes seasonally get up to 100,000 migrating snow geese.[2] The largest of the lakes was created by a dam built in the early 1970s, and covers 360 acres (150 ha). The Horse-Shoe Trail goes through the area just south of the main impoundment dam.  source Wikepedia

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