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Four Ways to Provide for Your Family



(February 5, 2019)--It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom or a dad - providing for your family will feel like an innate, instinctual obligation. More than that, it’s one of the most pleasurable things that you can do as a responsible, thoughtful parent. The question is: in which areas are your provisions most required and appreciated? How can you translate your work and your earnings into the kind of life that your family deserves? This short article has the answers, looking at four main pillars of family life, and how you can help support them through constant loving provision.


All families rely on a constant source of income to provide the material necessities and lifestyle extras of family life. As a parent, providing in the economic arena is as important as it comes, because a sudden loss of income can cause huge disruption to your way of life and stability of your family. Whether it’s doubling down at work, finding extra employment, or taking out a single premium life insurance policy to protect yourself in worst-case scenarios, managing your family’s finances will help your children and your partner grow in a nourishing, safe environment.


Emotional Support


While income and money are of deep importance for your family’s stability, there remains a less measurable variable that you should ensure you’re continually providing to all members of your family. Emotional support, in the form of good communication, thoughtful acts and a presence throughout the tough times often means far more than upgrading your TV set or booking an exciting holiday for your family with the money you earn. Make sure that you’re there for your children all the way through their infancy and adolescence, and remain a faithful, loving partner to your co-parent.




Your children shouldn’t just rely on their schooling for education: plenty should be happening in the home, too. At a very base level, you can inquire about what your children are learning at school, and help them with their homework when they get stuck. But above and beyond this requirement, it’s a parent’s duty - indeed, their pleasure - to impart upon their young the moral, social and life skills that will help them through life. Always be ready to offer your wisdom as a parent to your children: it’s one of the most important things a carer can provide.


Thoughtful Family Time


Whether you’re working long hours or you’re a stay-at-home parent, it’s important that you’re ready to provide your family with the kind of quality time that builds your love and respect for one another. This doesn’t need to entail flamboyant gift-buying, vacation-booking or day-out planning. A special meal, a birthday treat, a surprise adventure or a rainy day inside with games and snacks are all platforms for quality family time to be built upon. Be thoughtful, creative and inspired when planning your family time, so that your children grow up with many cherished memories with those closest to them.


As a parent, observing the four pillars of provision listed above will help ensure that your family grows up together in a pleasant, loving atmosphere, free from worry and conflict.

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