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Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': Super-Powers


Dawn Watson | CNBNews Contributor


 GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (February 11, 2019)-- Sammy I have two super-powers: my sense of hearing and my sense of smell. Usually they are blessings. Not always.


   Let’s talk about a super sense of smell. I can smell a cigarette butt out on the sidewalk while standing in my kitchen with all my doors and windows shut.


   Imagine for a moment, tending a pack of dogs while ‘enjoying’ a super-power like that. Or, being in a crowd of gassy old men as they watch a football game at a bar while eating hotdogs piled with sauerkraut.


   And it’s nice to smell the neighbor’s roses from a distance in the spring but it’s also the time of year when the Street Department decides to apply tar to the sinkhole in front of my house.


   My sense of hearing is also incredible, almost making up for my poor eyesight. But it does cause some problems because I hear gossip I don’t want to hear and secrets I shouldn’t know.


   I once lived in a rowhome and was privy to my newly-wed neighbors’ every indoor movement, causing me to blush whenever I saw them. They thought I was stand-offish. The truth was so embarrassing that I never had the nerve to hold a conversation with them.


   I’m also pretty good with languages so if someone whispers about me in Italian, German, or Klingon (my son taught me, many years ago), I’ll know.


   I can also differentiate my dogs’ bark from a strange dog’s bark. Handy when someone stops me to complain about the canine noise-level outside of my house. I can simply shrug and say, “Not my dog.”


   I’m willing to bet that everyone has a super-power or two. You can either refer to them as blessings or curses; it all depends on how you perceive them. For the most part, I’m happy with the gifts I have, knowing they balance out the stuff I’m lacking.


   So, if you talk about me please do so quietly. And know that you’ll find me at home during football games, smelling the roses.


Just Sayin’

Dawn Watson

Pictured:  Don't mess with Sammy!