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Comply with the Law and Hire a Trash Removal Company

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(February 13, 2019)--New Jersey has strict laws regarding proper waste segregation. You need to throw your garbage away in the right place. You also need to remove the items that are for recycling. You might get fined if you throw them away. Whether you live in your own house or you are renting another person’s place, you need to comply with these laws.


Label the trash


You can start by labeling the trash bins at home. You need to inform your guests to comply with the rules. You can even set penalties at home for those who violate the use of the labels. It is also easy to remind everyone about this rule if you have labels. If they are not enough, you can put reminders and notes in key places around the house.


Be diligent in segregating waste


Once the bins are full, your next step might be to place all of them at the roadside for pick up. Before you do so, you need to ensure that everything is in the right bins. There could be a possible mix up along the way, and you need a final check before preparing the trash for pick up.


Do not rely on local collection agencies


The government might provide local trash collectors to come around and pick up the garbage. Sometimes though, their services are insufficient. You need to ask for help from a private junk removal company to do the job. They will make sure they collect the trash and also help in segregating it. Even if you live outside New Jersey, there are trash removal companies available for you to use. It is okay if you need to pay quite a lot for their services since it will be worth it anyway.


Find a way to decrease the amount of garbage you throw


There are no state laws regarding the volume of trash that you can legally throw away. However, you can take the necessary steps to reduce the garbage. Evaluate what you regularly throw away and reduce its use. You also need to stop buying single-use items or disposable items since they will only contribute to the piles of garbage you are throwing away. Composting is also a good option. You can use your backyard as a compost pit for biodegradable waste. You can open this idea up to your neighbors so that you can have a community pit.


Look for recycling centers


If you cannot recycle all the items at home, you can look for recycling centers. They will find a way to deal with the items you leave behind. If you have valuable items for recycling, you can sell them. Used metals and old furniture are among the things you can sell.


You will feel motivated to comply with the law if you think about the penalties. Apart from that, you also need to think of the impact of the trash on the environment, and what you need to do to help in reducing it.