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6 Ways to Keep Wedding Costs Low

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(February 20, 2019)--Everybody spends different amounts on their wedding and how much you spend is dependent on different variables. For one, the amount you spend has a lot to do with what your budget is, as well as what kind of wedding you hope to have. It’s important to remember that there is life after your wedding day, so you don’t want to start this new life in serious debt. In light of this, if you’re getting married soon, try and focus on keeping costs as low as possible. If you need help doing this and currently have an out of control budget, here are six handy tips.

1. Decide What Matters Most

The average cost of a wedding in America is $33,391, and more than half of couples go into debt trying to pay for it. If you want to keep costs low, you’re going to need to prioritize and budget. Decide which parts of your wedding are most important, whether it be your venue or food, and focus on those areas while reducing expenses in others. 

2. Look for Cheaper Dresses

One of the expensive buys on a wedding day can be the bride’s dress. For this reason, consider looking for cheaper alternatives. This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to have the dress of your dreams, but there are ways to do so without overspending. Firstly, decide on how much you’re willing to spend on your dress and then continue from there. You could then choose to rent your dream dress seeing as you’re unlikely to wear it again. There’s also the option of buying second hand or getting a non-traditional dress.

3. Mix Your Flowers

Flowers can cost a significant amount of money, so consider ways to reduce that expense. One would be to get married in a garden or somewhere outside that already has flowers. Alternatively, if you’re a DIY kind of person, you can test your floral skills by being your own florist on the big day.

4. Affordable Vendors

A significant amount of your cash goes to vendors, so consider only getting ones that are worth the money. Drinks are an important part of the wedding, so you could get mobile wedding bartenders from eventbartenders.com to help deliver that service. However, for something like hosting or entertainment, perhaps source out talented family members to help you cut costs.

5. Only Pay for Food You Need

Food can be a significant expense on your wedding day, so limiting it would save you so much. To do so, avoid overdoing it and paying for food that surpasses what guests will eat. You could also resolve to provide the appetizers and snacks yourself and stick to get catering services for the main meal only.

6. Keep Numbers Low

In as much as you want to profess your love in front of crowds of people, ask yourself whether you really need people that aren’t that close to you there on your wedding day. The reality is that the more guests you have to cater to, the more you’ll end up spending. If you happen to naturally know a lot of people, a way to control the crowd would be having a destination wedding or getting married during the week.