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Your Sure-Fire Guide to YouTube Content Creation: Getting Your Channel Up and Running


(CNBNewsnet)(January 9, 2019)--Have you been keen to learn how to create a YouTube channel?  If so, you are certainly not alone.  A growing number of individuals are curious to know the possibilities associated with this type of content.  It has been shown that the average user can spend up to two hours each day browsing through videos, so it only makes sense that a great deal of money is involved if you approach this task with the right mindset.  Still, curating and developing a YouTube channel involves a bit more than may initially meet the eye.  You will need to focus upon two key areas: the physical creation process and how you can gain followers over time.  Let's address both of these topics in order to better appreciate the "big picture" as well as to understand what is in store.

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Building Your YouTube Channel From Scratch: Theory More Than Physicality

One of the mistakes which is often made by many "how-to" articles involving YouTube is that entirely too much time is devoted to basic logistics such as establishing an account and how to upload content.  The fact of the matter is that these matters are relatively straightforward and YouTube provides countless tutorials if the matter needs to be clarified further.  The real key to success does not necessarily involve generic content creation.  You should instead be focused upon WHAT type of material you want to distribute and how to market this media to the general public.

There are generally two ways to make money via YouTube.  You can either choose to market your own products or services or to promote the content of third-party individuals in exchange for a commission.  Both are equally beneficial if you know where to begin.  The first thing to appreciate is that your goal is to attract as many loyal followers as possible.  Channels with a higher number of subscriptions are inevitably able to receive a massive amount of inbound traffic; leading to higher levels of revenue generation.  Exposure is therefore key.  Subscribe to other channels which offer similar content.  Create calls to action that encourage new users to like and subscribe.  Regularly engage with your followers, as this type of interaction will help to foster loyalty from a long-term point of view.


Still, you might be worried about the overhead associated with promoting a specific product.  After all, not many of us are able to house a great deal of inventory within a house or apartment.  Even fewer are willing (or able) to deal with complicated logistical issues such as shipping and taxation rates.  The good news is that you have a relatively new tool at your disposal and a growing number of budding YouTube channels are now employing a method known as drop shipping.  What is drop shipping and how can it be integrated into an existing YouTube campaign?

Drop Shipping and YouTube: A Match Made in Heaven

The principle behind drop shipping is rather simple.  As opposed to physically storing a product on your property, you will be employing the use of a third-party distributor.  In other words, your primary job involves marketing.  In the event that your video creates a sale, the drop shipping agent will immediately send this product to the end user.  So, you will no longer need to be concerned about physical complications.  You can instead return your focus back to content creation and client engagement. 


Keep in mind that drop shipping is also quite flexible. Large firms such as Oberlo offer thousands of products to choose from and each of these can be chosen based upon the content if your channel as well as what might be particularly appealing to the associated audience.  However, the rule of numbers still comes into play. If you ever hope to be successful with drop shipping or standard YouTube promotions, you need to cater to a large niche audience.  How can this be achieved?

Never be afraid to use the inherent power associated with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.  You can always link these feeds back to your YouTube channel and vice-versa.  This is known as cross-channel marketing and it can produce powerful results if employed in the correct manner.  Most experts feel that you should spend 40 percent of your time marketing content and the other 60 percent needs to be devoted to creating more user-friendly videos. This is a healthy balance that will allow you to leverage your talents in the correct manner.

The YouTube community is continuing to grow at a frenetic pace and creating a channel from scratch could represent an excellent way to enjoy a supplemental source of income.  The advice mentioned above has already been employed by millions and you could be the next success story!

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