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Why Vaporizes are Taking over the Smoking Industry


(CNBNewsnet)(January 10, 2019)--Vaporizers are devices that are used to vaporize a substance before it is inhaled. Colloquially, they are known as vapes. The substances used include tobacco, marijuana, propylene glycol, glycerin, and nicotine.

When smoking, the herbs normally release the intended substance at temperatures lower than the burning temperature. Vaporizers thus take advantage of this and offer the tool which can release the substance without combusting the herb. They thus result in a more efficient extraction of the substance at the same time saving the consumer from the irritating and unhealthy effects of inhaling smoke.

Vaporizers come in different forms, the most famous are the E-cigarette and the marijuana vaporizer.

The e-cigarette is an electronic device that stimulates the effects of smoking without the actual burning of tobacco. It is powered by a battery. The user presses a button or puffs on it to activate it. They resemble cigarettes and are marketed as an alternative to smoking hence a way to stop smoking.

Marijuana vaporizers are a type of dab rigs and vaporize the substance by heating it with a metal component.

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The use of vaporizers is growing very fast. By mid-2020s, the total market is predicted to approach $50 billion. What are the odds though that vaporizers are taking over?

Vaping Helps Quit Smoking

Smoking is not healthy. Many smokers try to quit but they can’t. Once addicted, it is hard to quit. Vaping is not exactly the best alternative to smoking, but when a smoker can’t quit, vaping is just the next best option. Vaping is less hazardous than smoking.

The cause of cancer due to smoking is not the nicotine. The nicotine is just addictive and makes the consumer want to smoke tobacco over and over. However, what causes lung cancer is the smoke. Vaping gives the alternative where the user gets the nicotine they want without having to inhale the smoke.

However, nicotine still has negative effects on the body and the fact that vaping tends to reduce these effects doesn’t mean one should overuse e-cigarettes.

CBD oil is a substance extract from cannabis. It is popular in vaping. This substance, when used, reduces smoking cravings.

For this reason, vaping is likely to become very popular both as a way to quit smoking and as an alternative to smoking.

It is a Healthier Alternative to Smoking Marijuana and Tobacco

Though vaping may still produce nicotine which can be harmful to fetuses and young kids and addictive to adults, it is still the best alternative to smoking since it filters off more harmful substances from getting into the body. The lack of smoke in vaping means the vaper does not predispose themselves to lung cancer.

For cannabis, the vapor that is produced is less harmful than the smoke produced when smoking the substance.

The Legalization and decriminalization of Marijuana trend

Initially, only the Netherlands used to be famous for legalization of marijuana. Currently, in the US alone, over ten states have legalized marijuana. California was the first state to legalize use of medical marijuana in 1996 and also led the way by allowing people to carry small amounts of marijuana in 2016. Currently, over 10 US states have legalized marijuana with another 33 states allowing medical use of marijuana. Fourteen more states allow use of marijuana but with limited THC. Outside the US, other countries like South Africa have also legalized marijuana.

This means that use of marijuana is likely to increase and vaporizers will definitely be the trend as they are marked as safer.

Improving Technology

As technology grows, vapers are becoming better, safer and cheaper hence attracting more users.