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Tips on How to Make Your Vape E-juice


(January 7, 2019)--The price of vaping juice is relatively high for some people. On average, one can vape up to 10 ml of e-juice daily, which makes it costly. Also, if you are used to more costly brands, it hugely weigh down your pocket.

Sometimes, you may want to try different flavors which may not be available with your local supplier. It could be that your shop does not have your preferred nicotine levels vape.

The good news is that you can easily make your own vape at the comfort of your home. All you need is the proper equipment and ingredients to get you started. Also, you need to have a recipe book so that you can try to DIY various flavors of vape juice.

A DIY e-juice involves mixing up and blending three major elements. If you need a juice with flavors you will need a base liquid of propylene glycol and glycerin, flavor concentrates and nicotine. These are not essential if you wish to have an unflavored or nicotine free e-juice.

If you like to make your own vape juice, but no idea where to start, do not worry. This article has got you covered. It is easier than you think, like making your cocktail. It will give you easy to follow instructions every step of the way.

The List of the Things You Need To Have Ready

The following equipment and ingredients are important to successfully prepare your own E-liquid.

1. Water-Soluble flavoring

You can choose your favorite flavor from a thousands of flavors available in the market. Your choice of flavor determines final taste of your vape juice. Also, you can buy multiple flavored flavoring that is already premixed.

2. Nicotine

Different have different concentration levels. You can choose the concentration level of want for your vape juice. Also, this ingredient is purely optional, you can opt to make a nicotine free vape juice. If you will need nicotine, you should handle and store it with great caution. Spilling highly concentrated nicotine can be dangerous. Always keep it out of reach of children and pets.

3. Base Liquid

This consist of the propylene glycol and glycerin. These two are the major ingredients for making the e-juice. You can purchase a liter of VG and half a liter of PG so that you can achieve a flexible ratio of your e-juice.

4. Storage Bottles

Get squeeze storage bottles with a nozzle for storing the base liquids. With squeeze bottle it will be easy for you to add base liquid to the concentrate. Pick a few 100 ml squeeze bottle for the whole process. For storing nicotine, choose a bottle that is solid glass and dark in color for the slow degradation of the substance.

5. E- liquid Bottles

Buy a couple of 10 ml bottles for different experimenting with different flavors. Also, buy various 60 ml bottles for storing in large amounts your favorite flavor.

6. Gloves

Have a box of disposable hand gloves for the vape preparation process. Especially for handling nicotine.

7. Labels

Ensure you have a number of sticky labels. They help you to label every bottle according to the ingredients and the flavors used. Write down the details on the sticker before sticking them on the bottle.

8. A Scale to Weigh Ingredients To Use

Depending on the ingredients you will use, you will need an electronic scale that can weigh as little as 0.01 grams and at least up to 200 grams.

9. Syringes for Volume Mixing

These are important for handling different compounds. For handling nicotine and flavors, you will need a few 1 ml syringes. Have 10-30 ml syringes for handling base liquid. It is recommended to have a 14 gauge needle for easy handling of VG because of its thickness.

How to Mix Up the Ingredients

First begin by weighing and taking measurements of different ingredients you will be using. Put them on the already labelled bottles. Have a calculator to help you calculate the accurate measurements of each ingredient.

First, take the Propylene glycol and glycerin using a syringe into an empty bottle. Then add the flavor of your choice, nicotine is added the last. Put them all in one bottle and cork it. Shake the content to form a mixture. Now you have your vape juice ready. You can vape your mixture right away or keep it a little longer-a process called steeping.

What Next After the Successful DIY Vape Juice

1. Labelling

It is important to label your vape juice indicating the concentration of VG and PG, the concentration of the flavor, the level of nicotine used and the date it was made.

2. Steeping

This is an important process but not essential depending on the flavor. It is advisable to keep your vape juice away for some time after preparing it. It needs time for the flavors to blend well and mature. Preferably, you can keep it away for up to four weeks.

3. Testing

This is the final stage. Use a good dripper and atomizer instead of a tank to do the testing. It helps you save the coil incase the vape juice did not turn out well. Also, it easier to test different flavors.

4. Storage

If the vape juice turned out well. Heat, Sunlight and oxygen may degrade your e-juice. You need to store it in a cool dark and dry place. Also, remember to keep it out of reach for children and pets.

To expand your knowledge on how to make your own vape juice and improve on your quality, make use of the online tutorials and resources. You will learn about new ingredients and flavors to spice up your vaping experience.

Just like learning a new hack, making perfect vape juice requires patience and continuous practice. You will do a lot of testing to arrive at a perfect mix or discover your favorite flavor. Learning to make the juice will save money rather than buying an already made juice.