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Off-duty New Jersey State Trooper Helps Save Choking Man on New Year's Day


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source: New Jersey State Police

WESTWOOD, NJ--Troopers need to be ready for the unexpected and to always be prepared to act on or off-duty. Major Michael Rinaldi, (photo above) Commanding Officer of the Office of Drug Monitoring and Analysis, showed how these moments can happen at any given time.

On Tuesday, January 1, Major Rinaldi was enjoying the holiday with his family at the Westwood Diner and Pancake House in Westwood, Bergen County, when something went wrong.

Shortly after finishing lunch with his wife and son, Major Rinaldi noticed commotion on the dining room floor and immediately realized there was a man who was conscious but exhibiting signs of an obstructed airway. Recognizing that the man was choking, he immediately began the Heimlich Maneuver.

While performing the Heimlich Maneuver, Westwood Police Officers Greg Dorfman and Stephanie Laurent along with EMS arrived on scene to assist in clearing the patron's airway. Major Rinaldi's quick and decisive actions undoubtedly prevented a New Year's Day tragedy.

Phenomenal job, Major Rinaldi!