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NJ Rep. Norcross Votes to End Shutdown

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 13.45.53WASHINGTON, DC (January 4, 2019)--– Today, Donald Norcross was sworn in to represent New Jersey’s First Congressional District in the 116th Congress and his first votes were in favor of two bills to reopen all government services that have been shut down since December 22nd and ensure workers get the paychecks they earned.

“Working families are suffering because of President Trump’s egotistical, politically-motivated temper tantrum. Today I voted to get us out of this mess and reopen the government,” said Congressman Norcross.“Now, Trump and Senate Republicans should quickly follow our lead so we can start working together on what Americans really care about – more jobs, higher wages and affordable healthcare.”

source Congressman Donald Norcross