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Clean Water Action Says We Should Heed Gov. Murphy’s Call for Stronger, Fairer NJ

New Jersey Future Comments on Murphy's State of State Address

TRENTON, Jan. 15 — New Jersey Future released the following statements on Governor Murphy’s State of the State Address:

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“It is encouraging to hear the governor talk about a New Jersey where businesses want to


relocate, where young people want to start their families, and where all residents can live in diverse, inclusive communities,” said Peter Kasabach, executive director of New Jersey Future. “The governor’s plans to get NJ Transit back on track, rejoin RGGI, and implement the Historic Tax Credit and other programs outlined in his economic master plan really get to the heart of what it means to create healthy, sustainable places. New Jersey Future looks forward to continuing to work with the governor on these initiatives as well as others, such as updating the State Plan, to maximize the return on our state’s investments.”


“Governor Murphy’s comments on New Jersey’s aging water infrastructure underscore what we have all been talking about for years,” said Chris Sturm, managing director of water and policy at New Jersey Future. “New Jersey needs and deserves clean drinking water, streets that do not flood with untreated sewage when it rains, and the assurance that property and businesses won’t be damaged by nuisance flooding. I am optimistic that the governor will continue to work with partners within the state and at the federal level and confident that our water infrastructure will be upgraded under his leadership.”