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Recognized For Four Campaigns Across The Country


Asbury Park NJ (January 16, 2019)--— Kivvit today announced that they are finalists for five Reed Awards. The recognition comes for four different campaigns Kivvit helped run Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 16.0.12across the country.  They include being a two-time finalist for best web video for an independent expenditure (IE), a finalist for best web video for public affairs state/local, a finalist for best public affairs campaign, and a finalist for best use of online targeting.

Kivvit is a two-time finalist for best web video for an IE.  The first is for a video done for an independent expenditure in support of Andrew Gillum, 2018 gubernatorial candidate in Florida.  That ad, which focused on health care, can be viewed here. The other best web video for an IE was done in support of Richard Cordray, 2018 gubernatorial candidate in Ohio.  That ad, which focused on health care, can be viewed here.


Kivvit is a finalist for two awards associated with the Move CT Forward campaign. The first is for best web video for public affairs state/local.  That ad can be viewed here. The second is for best public affairs campaign. Move CT Forward was a coalition of organizations committed to bringing public attention to and resolving Connecticut’s infrastructure crisis. Through Move CT Forward’s efforts, last spring Connecticut moved to include five years’ worth of transportation construction funding in the state budget.


Lastly, Kivvit is a finalist for best use of online targeting centered around a campaign of organizing JetBlue flight attendants (Inflight Crewmembers or IFCs) to unionize with the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU). To combat misinformation being spread by JetBlue leadership about the union and discouraging flight attendants from supporting unionization, Kivvit ran a six-month branded, highly visible campaign that educated IFCs through multiple phases: introduction to TWU, education about the benefits of membership, an intense GOTV effort, and post-election. Despite the difficulty of targeting more than 5,000 flight attendants at different airports and bases around the country and in Puerto Rico, the campaign’s data-driven approach and unique digital funneling system allowed for precise, segmented audience targeting and, subsequently, consistent engagement. When the votes were counted, a resounding 66% of JetBlue flight attendants voted yes for TWU representation.


About Kivvit

Kivvit is an award winning independent public affairs and strategic communications firm, with over 70 staff members across five offices: New Jersey, New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., and Miami.  The firm reported 2017 revenue of more than $22.3 million, ranking it #19 nationally in O’Dwyer’s 2018 PR Agency Directory.  To learn more and see what we do, visit and follow us @TeamKivvit.