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PATCO Updated Elevator Systems

Elevator Installations

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Multimillion dollar project will make all PATCO stations fully accessible

  • Budget: $32 million
  • Design phase: Completed
  • Construction phase: Fall 2017
  • Contractor: A.P. Construction
  • Duration: 48 months
  • Completion date: Fall 2022

Upon completion, all 13 PATCO stations will be fully accessible to individuals with disabilities and those using wheelchairs, strollers and bicycles.

Stations receiving elevators:

  • Haddonfield
  • Collingswood
  • Westmont
  • Ashland
  • Camden City Hall
  • 12/13th & Locust Street

The project will take place in three phases. The Haddonfield and Collingswood stations will be targeted in the first phase, followed by the Westmont and Ashland stations in the second phase and the Camden City Hall and the 12/13th & Locust Street stations in the third phase.

The four stations targeted in the first and second phases of the project will each receive one elevator, while two elevators will be constructed at the Camden City Hall and the 12/13th & Locust Street stations, one running from street level to the concourse level and a second connecting the concourse to the train platform. Additional concourse extensions, fare gates and work on interior platform stairs and ramps will be required at the Haddonfield, Collingswood, Westmont and Ashland stations.

Construction, made more complex due to the limited size and footprint of the existing stations, will include:

  • Demolition
  • Site and landscape clearing
  • Construction of machine rooms, control rooms and station additions or reconfigurations
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Utility relocation
  • Plumbing, mechanical, electrical, structural and fire protection system work
  • Ticket vending machine installation and relocation
  • Removal and installation of ornamental ceilings, paint and tile application
  • Lighting, signage and railing relocation and installation


12/13th & Locust St. Station Rendering

Elevator_Rendering_City Hall Station Rendering

Collingswood Station Rendering

Westmont Station Rendering

Haddonfield Station Rendering

Ashland Station Rendering