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Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': Surviving Winter


Dawn O Watson | CNBNews Contributor


  Hoagie Heaven



I like winter.


I like that it gets dark at 3PM because I can convince myself it’s night-time and get into my pajamas. I like to be able to eat comfort food and then cover up my weight gain with a hoodie and a puffy coat, disregarding the spring unveiling of added “curves”.


   It’s wonderful making crockpot meals that are not only delicious but heat up the kitchen as they cook. And since I don’t work outside of the house, gazing at falling snow no longer conjures up feelings of dread or the necessity of scraping off my car’s windshield for that long, cold drive to the office.


   I like wearing warm socks. They have ones that are battery-operated to heat up but I’m not convinced they’re a healthy alternative to staying indoors. They also sell electric ones but I can’t figure out how to walk without tripping on the wires. And I don’t think I have a long enough extension cord to get out the door.


   My hair is luxurious in winter. In summer, it’s a frizz-ball of sweaty spaghetti pulled into a pony tail. But in winter it shines like silver under my woolen beanie, trust me. It’s a shame no one sees it.


  My knees creak and groan and the joints in my fingers are swollen, sure. But that goes on in summer, too so there’s no point in complaining; I just wear two sets of sweatpants and some oven mitts to get the mail from the box outside my door.


   It’s nice watching the neighborhood kids frolic on the icy sidewalk, although it becomes a religious experience because I pray they don’t fall on my property and initiate a lawsuit. I considered a posting a sign that said, “Keep Moving!” but I didn’t want to seem unfriendly.


   I guess I just want what everyone wants-to be warm (but not overheated), to eat good food, and to be able to take joy in my surroundings. There are many, many people who don’t have that privilege, not even here in America.


   Do something. Contribute to a food bank. Donate warm clothing in winter, fans in summer. Any act of thoughtfulness—even a few words in a newspaper—may make a difference.


Just Sayin’

Dawn Watson

 Pictured: Hoagie Heaven. Courtesy of a Facebook post. Gone but never forgotten.