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Bone Conduction Headphones and Military Technology

JANUARY 19, 2019--The bone conduction technology was primarily developed for military purposes, where rugged mil-std-810g compliance is a must. However, now the newest model of headphones using this  consumer tipstechnology is released you will be amazed with what it offers.

One of the most popular brands in the bone conduction headphones industry is AfterShokz based on Audio Reputation. The target group of customers is active people who like listening to music while doing exercise outdoors. This type of headphones goes around the back side of your head and hooks over the ears, so the speaker is placed in front of the ear. These headphones take the role of the eardrum and do the same job it does and transmit the sound waves directly to the inner ear through the bones of the skull, primarily the jaw bone.

The popularity of bone conducting headphones increases day-by-day, considering that the majority of the public likes listening to music a bit louder than normal. And that it can lead to specific hearing damage. So, bone conduction headphones are considered to be a safe and healthy alternative to earbuds and ordinary headphones.

The customers have recognized this and the popularity is followed by an increased demand for these headphones. This is the reason why the innovations and improvements on this technology will evolve drastically.

A decade ago the development of the bone conduction technology for military use started giving results. Probably the best thing with this technology is that the eardrum is bypassed completely, which makes it possible to be aware and hear the sound coming from the environment. This practically means that while the soldier is performing some special tasks, in a rather noisy and loud environment, he can hear the instructions clearly thanks to these headphones, and stay alert to the surrounding sounds thanks to the ear drums not being busy.

If you try to see things from the commercial point of view, these benefits are practically what sell the product. This is especially important for people exercising outdoors and listening to music at the same time. For example, someone who is cycling or running and listening to music using normal headphones isn’t completely aware of the surrounding and can come in some dangerous situations when they don’t hear a car coming, car horns etc. When the ear drum is free it can easily pick all these sounds and help you avoid some dangerous situations.

AfterShokz a company is well aware of this and the innovations they are working on at the moment are focused on making the headphones as comfortable as possible. They are now equipped with a flexible and lightweight headband and provide a much more comfortable experience than when using earbuds.

When you compare the latest model released by AfterShokz and the first model released by this company you will be amazed with the difference. The newest model is 33% lighter and comes with 21 brand new additions. Remarkable isn’t it?

If we put aside the active sportsmen who can’t exercise without listening to music, the best element is the possibility to provide the same experience to people having hearing problems. These headphones are designed in such a way to allow people with hearing issues to wear them and wear their hearing aids at the same time.

It is presumed that Beethoven was the first to use the bone conduction technology to hear its music. Practically, he would take a rod, which was previously attached to his piano and bite it. This would allow him to hear its music through the jawbone.

Additionally, the stress on the ear is avoided with the use of bone conduction headphones. Although this isn’t recommended but from time to time everyone likes to listen to music with the volume up to the maximum levels. If you do this often it can cause some hearing damage. This type of headphone bypasses the eardrum you can say they are stress free. Another issue you can avoid with their use is the lack of hygiene while using ear buds because of the various bacteria that are located in the inner ear. People who use earbuds on a regular basis know what we are talking about here.