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Bellmawr Missing Moves Project to Start 2019; New Information on Landfill & Direct Connection

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Mark Matthews | 42Freeway.com

BELLMAWR, NJ (January 7, 2019)--Missing Moves is a NJDOT project to connect Route 42 to
Route 295… specifically 42 North towards Bellmawr to 295 South, and of course the reverse… 295 North towards Bellmawr to 42 South.  It’s called “Missing Moves” because for as long as these roads existed, you cant traverse them they way I just described.

According to the Director of Communications for NJDOT, this $160 Million project is expected to start construction late 2o19.  It should take 3 years to develop, and will take place while the current large Direct Connect project is under way.

The provided YouTube link is an overview of three things actually:

  • Bellmawr Missing Moves: What is it?   What is it connecting?  The video includes a 3D rendering
  • Bellmawr Landfill:  While it's still unclear what the core direction of development of the landfill will be, the video goes into some history of the project and some of the future challenges it may face
  • Direct Connect Video Update:  We provide new video from Jan 6, 2019 of the current Direct Connection construction project


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