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A Message from Congressman Donald Norcross

Working families are suffering because of the ongoing partial government shutdown. Last week, Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 13.46.25I voted to get us out of this mess and reopen the government for the hundreds of thousands of workers furloughed or without paychecks.

I hope to see our President and Senate Republicans follow suit, so we can start working together on a government for the people and get back to what Americans really care about - more jobs, higher wages, and affordable health care.

Shutdown Stories

Over 5,000 federal employees in New Jersey are have been furloughed or are working without pay. Here are a few of their stories:




Week One Recap

While my primary goal is re-opening the government, I am still working on issues that matter to South Jerseyans:Image

  • I introduced the Butch Lewis Act, which with help address the nation's looming pension crisis and strengthen the system and large. 
  • I introduced The Care Packages for Our Heroes Act, Imageto ensure that organizations that send care packages to American military members overseas are not negatively impacted by dramatic overseas U.S. pstal rates. Our very own Operation Yellow Ribbon South Jersey had to send fewer care packages last year because of the postal service changes.
  • I helped introduce an important gun safety bill that requires a background check for the sale of every firearm.  Image
  • I'm working with colleagues to expand voting rights, reduce the influence of big money in politics,and strengthen ethics rules for public servants.
  • I led a letter to House leaders expressing the importance of prioritizing policies that Imagewill tackle the opioid epidemic. As I continue to lead the Bipartisan Task Force to Combat the Opioid Epidemic, I will keep fighting to help our loved ones struggling with the disease of addiction.

I am grateful to be representing you in the new Congress. 

If you need help during this shutdown, please contact my office at (856) 427-7000. Additionally, if you should ever need assistance getting in touch with a federal agency, my Cherry Hill office is happy to assist.


Donald Norcross
Member of Congress

CNBNews Editor's Note: Norcross, a Democrat, represents New Jersey's  First Congressional District