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Social justice in New York City/Weasel Zippers

Via Officer Com:

Officer Syed Ali — an Army combat vet who served in Iraq and Afghanistan — had no trouble fending off five homeless vagrants with his baton and his feet as they came at him one by one on Sunday night. The attack, captured on video, was viewed 4 million times on Twitter.


As of Tuesday night, none of the men were to be prosecuted, said Danny Frost, a spokesman for Manhattan DA Cy Vance.

Frost said the problem is that the police never charged the men with attacking Ali.

“When people are arrested for attacking officers, we prosecute them. These men were not arrested for attacking an officer,” Frost said.

“They were arrested for sleeping on the floor of a subway station – a rules violation, not a crime. We have not prosecuted this violation since March 2016 under a policy jointly established with the Police Commissioner and Mayor.”

That agreement also curbed prosecutions for fare jumping, public urination, and a slew of other minor offenses. It has since been replicated citywide.

The decision not to charge the men outraged Officer Ali’s union, which placed the blame on the District Attorney’s office.

“There’s no telling how much damage these mopes would have done to that courageous police officer had he not been equipped to handle them. Had it gone the other way we might have had a seriously injured or dead police officer instead,” said Patrick Lynch, president of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

“It’s wrong that they were not charged for attacking him. The District Attorney’s job is to prosecute crimes, not to act like a social advocate.”

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