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Three Small Bedroom Design Ideas to Make It Look Bigger

Similar to any other area, decorating your bedroom to make it look stunning is easier said than done. However, the process becomes more daunting when the room that you are decorating is too small. Fortunately, with the right tips, it is possible to design the small bedroom and keep it looking amazing. Here are tips on how to make your small bedroom appear larger. 

Use Light and Bright Colors As Well As Mirrors

When looking forward to making your small bedroom appear larger, it is advisable to go for bright colors. Bright colors such as white prevent the room from looking boxed in or too busy thus making it appear larger. Therefore, consider using white or brightly colored Down and Feather duvets, curtains or furniture in the room. Brightly colored patterns in the room will also hide the fact that your room is small.

Additionally, the use of mirrors in the small room will help create an illusion that the room is bigger. This is especially when you use magnifying mirrors and positions them in such a way that they will reflect light through the window. A body-length mirror that will lean against the wall will not only take minimal space in the room but also make it appear larger.

Embrace Minimalism and Take Advantage of Storage under the Bed

For you to prevent your small bedroom from looking congested, it is important to try and minimize the size and amount of stuff that you store there. Additionally, ensure that what you have in the room is only what you need. This will help you clear the clutter in the room that makes it look even bigger.

On the other hand, you also take advantage of the underside of your bed to store some of the items in your bedroom. You could, therefore, consider securing a bed that has drawers underneath to give extra space to store your clothes. However, in case the space too small that the drawers cannot open, you may consider using decorative bins which you can also store under the bed. This way, you are sure that all the spaces in your small bedroom will be well utilized.

Arrange Your Stuff Vertically

The method used to arrange stuff in your bedroom not only determines the space that they will occupy but also make the room appear larger or smaller. In this case, it is advisable to arrange your stuff vertically especially when the floor is limited, but the ceiling is high. You can arrange books, clothes or anything else that you have in the room vertically and make them fit comfortably. However, this may not work for someone who is not comfortable climbing the bed every time they want to get something which is placed at a high place.

Being the room where you are likely to spend most of your time in when you are at home, it is essential to ensure that it is nothing but perfect. However, when the room is too small, it may be tricky to design it in a way that you would like. Consider the information above from a Down and Feather company to help you design your bedroom despite it being small.