Self Defense for College Students-2019 Guide To Campus Protection

(CNBNewsnet)(December 14, 2018)--Many college students and institutions are aware of the importance of personal safety and self-defense, but not everyone knows the best ways to defend themselves. From keeping yourself prepared when out alone to knowing how to defend yourself and what to use, these rules will help on any campus. Don’t just arm yourself with a knife or stun gun, learn how to use them and how to avoid getting into a situation where they are needed. If you or a loved one are heading off to college, keep in mind these simple rules.

1. Keep off your phone

The first step to avoiding trouble is to be aware of your surroundings and stay off your phone. In the modern world of college campuses, it is hard to look around and not see someone staring at their phone screen unaware of what is going on around them. Especially when walking alone or at night, stay off the screen as it makes you more vulnerable to being attacked as well as increasing the chance of other dangers such as cars.


2. Use locks and other security measures

Always remember to use locks, but keep in mind that they are not always trustworthy. Locking your dorm, apartment, and the car is an easy way to sway predators away from you and your belongings. It is as simple as always locking up after yourself. However, locks don’t always dissuade more determined predators, and taking it a step further helps ensure you have time to get to safety. Security door wedges, door bars, and alarms are often cheap and easy to use making them a perfect extra defense for dorms and apartments.

3. Be careful on social media

Be aware of what you post on social media. Many social media apps have location tagging and several college students do not have their posts set to private. Posting your location to social media can not only make you vulnerable when alone but also lets people know that your dorm or apartment is currently empty, setting you up as an easy target. Setting your accounts to private ensures that only your trusted friends will know this information.

4. Trust yourself

A perhaps overlooked method of protecting yourself is trusting your gut. If you feel uncomfortable or your intuition tells you something is off, be prepared and be cautious. Keep in mind where you are and where you are headed. If you don’t know the neighborhood or you are going somewhere new, stay alert and familiarize yourself with emergency exits, and how to get home.

5. Panic Phones

Panic phones are located on many college campuses and will connect you directly to emergency services to get help. You never know when your phone will die and you won’t have any way to call for help in an emergency. Look up and be aware of the location of any panic phones around your area so you can feel safe on campus.

6. Set emergency contacts

Set up the emergency contact feature on your cell phone. These emergency contacts and include important information about your health and can be programmed to include multiple numbers accessible without going through your password. Most smartphones have this feature built-in or easily installed with an application. This not only makes it fast and easy for you to call for help but allows others to call your family members if something were to happen.

7. Arm yourself

Even if you take these precautions, it is always good to be prepared to protect yourself should anything occur. If you feel comfortable arming yourself, do so. If you don’t then do some research and understand the available tools. Do not limit yourself to one option such as martial arts. When in a bind it will always be helpful to carry a weapon. And if you are still in the process of searching for the best weapons to have then Safe Life Defense has all you need on Body Armors, Belts, Bundles, Accessories, and more. Many small non-lethal weapons can easily be carried by college students. Stun guns and pepper spray are among the most popular of these self-defense weapons. These can buy you time and make it easy for you to escape.  If you go this route, here is the strongest pepper spray you can find online.  Thank us later.

Arming yourself, being aware of your surroundings, and knowing about self-defense can not only make you safer but also give you a sense of calm. Thinking about having to defend yourself can be scary but if you know how to defend yourself and take these precautions you can keep a clear mind and know that whatever happens you are prepared.