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Patriots to Rally in Support of General Michael Flynn in DC Dec. 18 at Sentencing


“Antifa May as well Stay Home” 




WASHINGTON, DC (Dec. 8, 2018)-- On December 18, 2018 a cadre of Patriots from around the country will stand together, front and center, on the steps of the DC Federal Court, in Washington DC, to demonstrate their support for Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn.  General Flynn will be sentenced by Judge Emmet Sullivan.  Special Counsel Robert Mueller has stated that he does not believe General Flynn should receive jail time, having rendered “substantial assistance” to the Mueller Investigation, particularly in the early days of the ongoing investigation.

 Lieutenant General Michael Flynn has been silent leading up to his day in court, but millions of President Trump supporters eagerly anticipate what the General will have to say.  John B. Wells, notable patriot and host of the popular Talk Shows Caravan to Midnight and Ark Midnight, recently learned that a substantial Antifa presence is expected and social media indicates that the domestic terror group may bus in from as far away as Berkeley, California. 

They will be met by patriotic military and police veterans.  When asked about the Oath Keepers’ intentions, Founder, Stewart Rhodes, stated, “The Oath Keepers will stand up for Lieutenant General Michael Flynn’s freedom of speech.  We have confirmed Antifa will be there and may attempt to silence by force.  Oath Keepers will be there to protect people from unlawful violence as consistently perpetrated by Antifa.”

 John B. Wells has been a stolid supporter of General Flynn.  Mr. Wells and his team recently hosted Operation Classified, a three-day event in Dallas, Texas, attended by speakers: Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, Stewart Rhodes and Kevin Shipp, and special guest, Joseph Flynn, who is General Flynn’s brother and the Co-Trustee of his Defense Fund.  John B Wells had this to say, “The day we found out that this American Hero lost his families’ home for defending his son was the day that I decided to do something.” Operation Classified raised a substantial sum of money for the Lieutenant General Michael T Flynn Defense Fund. 

Chris Cox, National Director of Bikers for Trump confirmed that his guys will be at DC Federal Court on December 18th to stand with the Oath Keepers, Caravaners  and those who love this country and believe that with President Donald J. Trump and a free Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn we are on track to make America great again.  Hey Antifa, stay home. Those of us who work hard, love our families and love America have business to attend to.

John B. Wells is available to discuss this critical day in court and the patriot communities’ intention to stand in defense of Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn on December 18, 2018