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North-Philly Danny Garcia vs Granados Set for April

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PHILADELPHIA-(CNBNewsnet)(December 17, 2018)--Back in September North Philadelphia’s Danny Garcia found himself standing on the wrong side of the judge's decision. All of them.

The unanimous decision loss to Shawn Porter had media outlets questioning Danny Garcia’s next move. Where will he go? Is he at crossroads? Does this put his career on the lee side of the hill?

His next step has been decided. Adrian Granados. The best online sportsbooks haven’t listed odds for the fight yet. It is likely that Garcia will come into this bout as a moderate favorite, but we can’t count Granados out.


No Venue Yet


The venue has yet to be determined. But we know the time and place that we can watch the fight over the air waves: April 20th at 8pm ET on FOX.

Danny Garcia must win in this fight. Not only that, he has to look good doing it. That is, if he wants to remain relevant as a top contender in the welterweight division. It won’t be an easy feat. This is no tune-up fight. Adrian Granados has lost a few over the last few years but in each of his losses he pushed his opponents to the brink. In the fight against Broner, it’s more than arguable that Granados won. But hey, when you fight in someone else’s backyard, some favoritism is likely to be shown.

Both Garcia and Granados have a common denominator in a unanimous decision loss to Shawn Porter. The cards were closer in the Garcia-Porter fight with one judge at 116-112 and two at 115-113, Whereas Granados lost uniformly 117-111. However, some could make the case that Granados pushed Shawn Porter just as hard.

As it sits, Danny Garcia’s is now back in the clutter of welterweights trying to prove their worth in a crowded division. He needs to show that he is a cut above by decisively beating Adrian Granados who is good but isn’t in that ‘elite’ category that Garcia was in before his second loss.

The Matchup


Adrian Granados is a pressure fighter. He comes with a lot of pressure and throws punches in volume. This sounds like Porter right? Well, the biggest difference in how he comes at his opponents with all that punch volume. He tends to leave himself open to counter punching. For Garcia, this is a chance to get a highlight-reel knockout. He can sit back and wait for the opening to drop a counter-left bomb on Adrian Granados.

Where Garcia could get into trouble is the fact that Granados has a 5.5-inch reach advantage. But Granados would have to box smarter. At this point, Adrian Granados probably has better footwork and foot-speed. He also has a better jab and hand-speed. If he can work behind the jab and double-jab and stay in the center of the ring, constantly circling and moving around and away from Garcia’s left, then he has a legitimate shot at winning this fight.

That said, we know that Danny Garcia has a lot of power. He holds the edge there. He also has an advantage with his ability to time opponents off their jab and come in with extremely effective counter punching. Granados is going to have to switch up his usual approach to avoid getting timed by Garcia and eventually hit hard with a big left.

Adrian Granados does have a good chance at winning this fight. But as the rounds wear on, Danny Garcia is likely going to put Granados on the matt. Granados will eventually revert to how he always fights and get caught. It will be an interesting match and it will definitely let us know where Garcia is at in his career.