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published Monday, May 20, 2013

Each game requires the Lion’s to field 9 players, each player brings a different skill or talent to the team. The Lion’s record stands 7 wins against 11 losses with 7 of the 11 losses by less than 2 runs. This record indicates a break here or there and the Lion’s could be at least over .500 on the season. But what haves, should haves and could haves do not win games.


Like any football game the quarterback or running back get most the credit. In baseball it shows the pitcher who won or lost the game never mentioning any fielders.

But that is what makes the 2013 Lion’s a group of players who look out for each other so extraordinary . Most teams point fingers but take catcher O’Donnell who will accept blame if a runner steals “I should have made a better throw”, if a player makes an error Darrow says “I should have made a netter pitch”. This is the beginning of a team sticking up for one another.

Pierman, Mark Siebert, Ken Barton, Bob Girgenti are also on the team that provide an important role each game. Recently Josh Dobleman and Girgenti took the mound giving pitchers an extra days rest. Back-up catcher Trevor Bathurst has relieved O’Donnell of some catching duties which would had put additional work on O’ Donnell and finally utility player Chris Walmsley has worked most infield positions and some pitching.

This is why team chemistry is so important, players helping players. Most players watching from the bench never understanding their true value; they are always ready to pinch hit or run when called upon. The Pierman’s and Dobleman’s of the team along with  Angel Rodriguez and Isharqul Wara have provided extra help to the team, while sacrificing not only playing time that could have been personal time to help the Lion’s.

In ALL SPORTS and in life it is the people behind the scene who make things work. Name any member of a Nascar pit crew.  You can’t but they are a very important aspect of a race. It is important that these Lions realize each practice and game, teammates and coaches appreciates their commitment. Their dedication to the sport might not show up in the box score but rest assured it is not missed by fellow teammates 

Their desire to be a part of the Lions will go a long way towards their development of young men. The current Lions have had their struggles on the field but in the dugout these boys are unbeaten while unheard of..