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published Monday, May 20, 2013

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ONLY IN AMERICA--In the past immigrants coming to this country had to learn how to speak English if they wanted to better themselves. But today, things are much different. For example, just last week 12 Hispanic custodians employed by the Auraria Higher Education Center, Denver, Colorado, filed a discrimination complaint against the campus operator claiming their work related orders and instructions are only being given in English, a language they don’t speak. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is reviewing the case, but the complaint could ultimately wind up before a federal judge, CBS 4 Denver reported. The custodians claim the Auraria Campus is deliberately keeping “employees that only speak Spanish in the dark on the terms and conditions of their employment, changes in their working status, safety and more,” the report said. Bertha Ribota told CBS “she was injured at work because she couldn’t read a warning sign that was in English.”

Do you think if you or I were working for a school district in Mexico, and couldn’t speak Spanish, you be able to file a discrimination complaint in that country? If you do, I have a bridge you could buy for just $5!

COYLE v SCHMIDT ROUND THREE--The Marianne Coyle harassment hearing has been rescheduled for 10 a.m. on June 19 in Winslow municipal court, according to the Gloucester Township Patch. Coyle filed a complaint against John Schmidt after a February board meeting. Schmidt had aggressively questioned her about being the treasurer of a local political action committee while running for and now sitting on the Gloucester Township school board. She alleged that Schmidt, a Gloucester City resident, confronted her after the meeting in a hallway and "yelled and screamed" at her.

The hearing was postponed for a second time on April 24 when the prosecutor said she did not receive discovery information from Gloucester Township. The hearing was moved to Winslow to avoid any possible conflict of interest in Gloucester Township, where Coyle, a member of the school board, is a public official. 

 A South Jersey open-government activist, Schmidt was once a politically active Democrat/Republican in Gloucester City. He ran for the Gloucester City School Board in 2011 but lost. In 2012 he submitted an application to the Gloucester City


Republican Club to run for the Third Ward Council seat. Republican Chairman Wil Levins said he didn’t accept his application. Being shunned in his home town, Schmidt headed further south and landed in places like Gloucester Township, Pine Hill, Clementon and even in Runnemede. Therehe went on a crusade to stop parents from parking in the yellow zone outside two schools in Runnemede, even though he doesn't live in the town or have children in the school district, Fox 29 News Philadelphia reported

ET CETERA--Borough taxes in Brooklawn will increase by six cents per $100 assessed value. This year’s budget totals $3,022,725. Mount Ephriam residents will be paying $42 more Images-1or $1,796 for a home assessed at the average price of $92,600. In Runnemede, a resident assessed at $147,000, the average, will be looking at a $20 increase in municipal taxes. Residents are invited to attend May 28 council meeting for a power point presentation on the 2013 budget. Time 5pm. 





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