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published Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Dunkin Donut signs have been up for several months if not longer. Which brings up this question, if the City of Gloucester is not going to enforce the ordinance why then did mayor and council pass it in the first place? 
 Several years ago, using the same ordinance, the City Housing Office cited the owner of the  Gloucester News Agency at Broadway and Middlesex Street for painting a mural on his building.  The Housing inspector, Jack Hargraves,  told the owner to remove it, claiming it was unsightly.  The owner, upset over the way he was being treated, closed his business and moved out of town. 
Since then that dilapidated building, first owned by the city, and now owned by Bob Booth, of Gloucester Travel Agency, has remained empty. Booth is president of the Gloucester City Business Association and treasurer of the Gloucester City Economic Development Corporation (GCEDC).
You would think the Business Association would want the signs removed. After all, such tacky, cheesy looking signs are not only a eyesore they also give the wrong impression of our City, and the business community.
DUNKIN DONUTS BREAKING THE LAW--Signs such as these above are in direct violation of Gloucester City's sign ordinance. According to that ordinance the owner could be fined up to $50 a day for placing these signs at the entrance of the CVS Shopping Center, 400 unit block of South Broadway.  photo credit CNBNEWSnet


DeathCabByCutie said...

An ordinance violation does not necessarily have to be signed by a Code Enforcement Officer. I believe any private citizen over the age of 18 can cite the violator.

over 100 vacant homes and a drug epidemic. said...

we don't have many businesses left in town and we suffer from such greater pressures.

Karma said...

Then one of us needs to step up and give "The Mayor" a ticket for leaving that dam trailer out on Monmouth St.

CNBNewsnet said...

To over 100 vacant homes and a drug epidemic...

I agree that vacant homes and a drug epidemic is more important then donut signs. But, I think there is a direct link with signs and unkept properties with why the more serious problems exist. Those signs add to the problem, they don't help it.

Dunkin Donuts has six illegal signs now, should we allow the owner to post six more in the shopping center? Why not let him hang some on Jersey Avenue behind the shopping center too?

And if the city is not going to enforce the law, repeal it. Otherwise enforce it.

As I mentioned, can you imagine if every business along Broadway put up similar signs what it would look like.


Looking closely said in reply to Karma...

The Mayor is just showing everyone in town that he is above all of you.

He is to Gloucester City what Obama is to the USA.

John Branin placed police corruption at 2%. Someone else placed police corruption at 50% based on politics. But the Gloucester City Police Department far exceeds that corruption number and it starts at the top.

It is that selective enforcement and prosecution that is destroying this town.

Which decisions in this town are not controlled by the Democrat Club?

What is the difference between what the Democrat Club has done to Gloucester City and what Cancer would do to your body?

John Branin said...

Quit complaining about the people using Drugs especially the ones in High School. They may just be preparing to become a candidate for President of the United States. CHOOM !


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