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Gambling Mistakes You Must Never Make in Vegas


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(December 31, 2018)--There are 1001 reasons to visit in Vegas. Some people board planes to visit this self-proclaimed sin city to enjoy the restaurants , interact and enjoy the women, and some just want to have a feel of the atmosphere that the city has to offer. However, one of the major reasons why so many people come to Vegas every single year is to try their luck at the casinos.

Well, some are usually lucky while others are never lucky and normally end up losing all their money. If you're planning a trip to Vegas with the primary purpose of gambling, then here are some of the mistakes which you must make sure you don't fall far. Otherwise, it will be a lot of misery for you on your way back home.

Playing the wrong game

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It won't benefit you to think that you'll have the same luck in playing games such as baccarat. Though so many people may be making fortunes from this game, this does not mean that you'll also be lucky with it if you don't know how to play it. The fastest way to you lose your money when you are in Vegas is to play a game you understand nothing about. Therefore, as the very first word of caution, only play games whose rules you understand so well. While on the plane, take time to test out the game and when you get at the casinos, start with small amounts before you go in with a lot of money.

Not having a bank limit roll

One mistake most people make when they visit Vegas to gamble is not to have a limit on their bankroll. This simply means that they have no idea how much money they are willing to risk in there gambling and as a result, they end up spending all the money and are compelled borrow some to take them back home. It is important that before step into a plane heading to Vegas, you should know exactly how much money you willing to lose in the bets. This will let you know when it's time to leave the slot machines or if you can still go ahead with taking more risks.


Chase your losses

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One sure thing you have to be prepared for when you go gambling in Vegas is that you are going to make losses. However, your ultimate win is greatly dependent on how you handle the losses. When you start becoming unprofitable, one thing you must never do is to try and chase your losses. This means that you will start gambling with the aim of trying to win to cover up for the losses you might have made. Chasing your losses will not make you win or increase your chances of getting more profitable in the gambling. It will only make you involve your emotions in gambling, and this is a sure way to continue losing more of your money. Therefore, you must never chase your losses. If your bankroll for the day is done, just leave the casino and wait to gamble another day. Remember the words of Kenny Rodgers, have to know when to walk away when you are gambling.

Gambling when your judgment is impaired

There is a reason why casinos usually have bars within a short distance. But you must be careful not to fall for this trap by the casino owners.  With alcohol, your judgment is likely to be impaired, and you may not be in a position to make excellent choices during the games. In no time, you will start losing a lot of money, and if you cut noticed that you're not sober enough to continue with the game, you'll keep losing more and more money. As a rule of thumb, if you decided to go gamble in Vegas, you ensure that you will not be intoxicated in any way. Don't take drugs or drink alcohol because the moment you fail to make sober judgments, you start to lose a lot of money.

Bluffing too much in poker

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Most new people in Vegas usually think that it's cool to bluff too much when playing poker. This is not until they become the boy that cried wolf. If you want the bluff to work out perfectly, then the rest of the players must believe you that indeed you do have a real hand. The problem with bluffing every time, however, is that the players will not believe you and you will be at a very disadvantaged point when it comes to making your moves. This is a sure way for them to take all your money and make you curse why you thought of going to the minimum deposit casino in Vegas.

Playing to impress the girls

Of course, there are very many beautiful girls in Vegas, and you'll find a very good number of them in the casinos. One mistake you must avoid is to play so that you please them. This is the fastest way to cut short your gambling for the night and go home broke.  You should know that most of the ladies in the casinos are actually employees who are there purposefully to entice you to play more and the more you please them the more you fall in their traps, and unfortunately, your pocket gets the beating. Therefore, play according to your rules and when you are done leave the place. Don't ever try to play to please the women.

You should also remember that you should never be excited about all the slot machines. Some will be good and may give you some decent wins but some are complete disasters which if you dare touch you can go home with a lot of losses. Again, don’t assume that every hotel in Vegas has a gaming area and that it is automatic that the hotel you get into will have a place for you to come back. Do your research before getting to the hotel.