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DESPITE SPENDING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS Flooding in Brooklawn/Gloucester City Has Gotten Worst

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William E. Cleary Sr. | CNBNewsnet


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (December 21, 2018)(CNBNewsnet)—A pedestrian was trying to make her way from Brooklawn into Gloucester City via Broadway today around 11 AM.  The tide was receding but even so water was up to her knees. Each time a car sped by the wave from the vehicle would stop her from walking any further. Members of the Camden County Freeholder Board are responsible for maintaining Broadway but they have allowed this condition to exists for decades. A few years ago the Freeholders, using taxpayers money, spent $4 million on repairing the bridge;  but the Freeholder Board never did anything to control the flooding from Little Timber Creek in this section of Broadway.

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As usual the Brooklawn Circle was also flooded today. The photo above shows the water gushing over the Big Timber Creek embankment and washing out the sidewalk and the highway  near the circle.

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 12.59.20

In the distance a log that washed up as a result of the flooding blocks the driveway into the nearby business.

Why aren't the contractors who did the circle repairs and the bridge work held responsible for their shoddy work? Where are the politicians who promised the flooding would be controlled once the construction work was finished?

The public needs to make their voices heard at the voting booth. Guaranteed if those who travel this road everyday voted the incumbents of the Camden County Freeholder Board out of office in November these problems would be fixed and fixed right. 

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