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Dawn Watson's Pet Tip of the Week: Puppies

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 GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (December 29, 2018)--  FB_IMG_1492908413245_resizedDogs are individuals and their personalities show up shortly after birth.


   If you’ve ever had the opportunity to view a litter from birth to seven or eight weeks old you’ll notice that there is a definite hierarchy within the pack. Generally, a male will take the Alpha role, submitting only to its mother. He will stand or roll over other pack members over in order to show dominance. This trait will generally continue throughout his life.


   Some dogs begin life being shy or unsociable while others play and frolic with their littermates, endlessly. Depending on your lifestyle you may want to consider which of these personality traits is a fit for you.


   Whichever puppy you decide upon, please remember that there are thousands of dogs in need of homes throughout the United States. Each day healthy, adoptable puppies and adult dogs are euthanized because people choose to ‘buy’ dogs instead of adopting them.


If you have questions about this or any other dog-related issue, please contact me at 856.981.8957. There is never a fee for phone or email consultation.


Wado udohiyu, (Thank you very much in the Cherokee language)

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