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Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': A Child-Free Christmans

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Dawn O Watson | CNBNewsnet


   GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (December 25, 2018)--My family is unique; there haven’t been any babies born within day-trip-visit distance since the ‘90’s, which makes our Christmas non-kid inclusive, child-free, or however you want to say it.


   Christmas eve is spent having lunch with my adult children, followed up by a couple of brewskies at whichever pub is open in town, paying an outrageous tip to my designated driver for hauling me home at 7:30 PM. I make merry. But not for long.


   While I miss the thought of tots’ squeals as they open their gifts on Christmas morning it’s really nice to sleep until ten AM, have a leisurely coffee or two, and get ready to go to Chinatown for dim-sum. We’ve been doing this for about three years now. It’s awesome.


   I don’t miss cooking for dozens of relatives that only acknowledge me at this time of year, and then only because no one else wants to feed them. I also don’t miss exhausted melt-downs where the melt-downer hurls herself onto the floor and screams. Ok, I only did that once but it was ugly.


   I miss the look of sheer joy on my children’s faces when they open presents I swore I wouldn’t buy as I contemplate living the next month without electricity because I couldn’t pay the bill. Wish I’d remembered that before I got my son his own television. He thought he could watch it by candlelight.


   I remember my husband putting bikes together while the kids and I attended church on Christmas eve. Now that I recall, the kids didn’t want to go and spent the service moaning and when we returned the bikes were hidden but hubby had bandages on all ten fingers and was cursing under his breath most of the night. I cherish that memory. Not then. But now.


   Last week I visited a friend to see her tree and visit with her grandchildren. I enjoyed it very much and felt a bit wistful when I left. But I knew how hard she worked to balance her time and how little was left over at the end of the day—I’m not certain I’d have the strength to do all she does to make it work.


   I’m extremely lucky to be alive and well. Many of my peers have already passed away and some of my friends have suffered more sorrow than anyone should be made to endure.


   I’m thankful for the life I have. I’m thankful for my memories and my friends.


   I’m thankful for my readers.


      Just Sayin’

Dawn Watson


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