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PHILADELPHIA PA (November 2018)(CNBNewsnet)--All principals work to ensure the success of their students and school communities. At the City’s 12 1200-1 copy 5 Community Schools, school principals work closely with Coordinators to ensure that students have supports and opportunities for success, and that families have access to vital resources.

Below Susan Thompson, Principal of George Washington High School, and Phil Deluca, Principal of Samuel Gompers Elementary School, give  their reasons on what Community Schools mean to students and their families. Principals Thompson and Deluca expressed their thankfulness for the City’s Community Schools initiative, which helps them tailor school-based services to the needs of their communities.

Principal Thompson applied for George Washington High to be a Community School because it made the most sense in achieving a united environment. “I wanted Washington to come together and actually be a community,” she said. “It seemed only responsible to try and get more resources and supports for the community.”

Principal Deluca is thankful for having Community School Coordinator Rennie Parker alongside him, to strengthen the relationship between the school and the families of the students. “I have always felt that the community was very helpful and supportive, but I felt like I didn’t have the capacity to nurture the relationship,” he said. “Having Rennie on the team allows for Gompers to get the information to our partners as to what our goals and needs are. His impact is priceless.”

Principal Thompson shared similar feelings about George Washington Coordinator Caitlyn Boyle and and interim Coordinator Louis Ackelsberg. She said they are “integral members of the school community.”

“Not only are Coordinators supportive of initiatives, but serves as a critical thought partner, working to make impactful change early and often,” said Principal Thompson.

While principals are working hard to manage their school, Community SchoolsCoordinators are dedicated to listening to the community surrounding the school. We’re thankful for our schools and principals, and being able to work in Community Schools all across the city.

Coordinators identify the needs of their communities to increase access to job opportunities, healthy foods, clothing, and emotional health services.