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TIPSTER SAYS ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS CALL!—We received a tip recently from a former resident pertaining to the Jersey Avenue road conditions in Gloucester City. IMG_9068 The tip included a photo of patch work (right) at the intersection of Broadway and Jersey Avenue along with this statement, "I was in town today, took this photo of the area that there was a complaint about.  I dropped a note to the County Highway Department. and within a week it was repaired. You can use the photo if you want ( or not)  but please do not mention me by name."

Bob Kotter made the complaint about the deplorable road conditions on Jersey Avenue and elsewhere in Gloucester City in a Letter to the Editor dated September 13, 2018. 

He wrote, "I have attached some photos of the deplorable road conditions taken on South Broadway when you enter Gloucester City from Brooklawn and of Jersey Avenue from South Broadway to King Street. These streets are so bad that if you hit some of the bumps doing the speed limit it will throw you right out of your vehicle's seat.  I can't imagine what it does to the front end of your car/truck. Year in and year out these conditions have been allowed to exist.  It is a disgrace."

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Photos of just some of the potholes on Jersey Avenue. (CNBNews photos)

A few feet away from the patch work shown in the photo submitted by the tipster are numerous pot holes that are still in need of repair. You would have thought when the County Highway Department was in town fixing the pothole mentioned they would have continued their repair work and fixed the others holes in the street. The street is loaded with patchwork. To report a pothole, trash, faded line striping or other concerns on county roadways,  click here or call the Camden County Department of Public Works at (856) 566-2980.

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GOOD NEWS—A Market Street resident has gone out of her way to help the less fortunate by installing a food box in front of her home. Carolyn J. Petermann of 1193 Market Street, Gloucester City recently erected a food box in front of her house to help those in need. People who can afford it are being asked to donate food, and those that find themselves short, can take something to tide them over. 

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CNBNews photos

Asked why she got involved in the enterprise she said, "Inspired by the Little Library idea and wanting to help address the food insecurity issue in town, I thought I'd try out this idea. I hung this box outside and it simply says: GIVE WHAT YOU CAN- TAKE WHAT YOU NEED.

"l live on Market Street just a few blocks from the WaWa and down the street from two schools, so this just might work. Maybe I'm being naive, but if a school kid needs to grab a few cans of soup- cool! If you've stopped at the Wawa & can drop off a few cans of soup- awesome! If you're passing by on your way home from the ShopRite and want to drop off a few more items- even better!  If we all share, there's always enough to go around! "

Kudos too Carolyn and to anyone else who is involved in this wonderful project. What a great Act Of Kindness. 


YOUR MONEY-The Camden County Freeholders Board awarded $875,000 in recreation grants in October. The requests for funding are limited to $25,000 per LGdxQbqX_400x400 2project, per year.  The projects must be completed within a one year period. The 35 grants went to the following:

Audubon-Community Center Hockey Rink

Audubon Park-Audubon Park Playground

Barrington-Wish Upon a Star Playground           

Bellmawr-Bellmawr Hockey Complex;Korosynski Dog Park

Brooklawn-Pershing Road Recreation Complex

Cherry Hill Township-Richterman Park

Woodcrest -Bowling Green Park; National Little League Ballfields                 

Chesilhurst-Leanna Harris Park

Clementon-Albertson Avenue Playground Phase II

Gibbsboro-Gibbsboro Bikeway repairs; Gibbsboro Bikeway amenities                                                                                                    

Gloucester City—Proprietors Park

Gloucester Township-Cobblestone Park ; Wye Oak Park

Haddon Heights—Hoff’s Park;Haddon Heights Soccer Club McCullough Soccer Complex

Haddon Township-Krupinski Park

Haddonfield-Centennial Field

Magnolia-Albertson Park

Merchantville-Merchantville Community Center

Mt. Ephraim-Shining Star Park

Pennsauken-Madison Park

Pine Hill-Joey Green Park

Runnemede-Girls Softball Fields

Somerdale-Somerdale Youth Basketball League Perry Complex

Stratford-Quaker Run Nature Trail;Stratford Athletic Organization Parkview Recreational Complex Baseball Fields

Voorhees-Kirkwood Park;Lion’s Lake Park; Ashland Woods Hale Park;Round Hill Road Park

Winslow-Calabrese Park;Frank Donio Park

Woodlynne-Woodlynne Recreational Facility

Et Cetera—Gloucester City received a $65,000 from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) to be used for a traffic study. The study will include a transportation assessment, assess corridor geometrics and network integrity, analyze travel models, and analyze existing transportation conditions.


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