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CNB May 2013 Archives: APRIL 2013 CHEERS AND JEERS

published Monday, May 06, 2013

CHEER--Four members of the Philadelphia Police Department’s Highway Patrol unit participated in the American Lung Association’s 2013 Fight for Air Climb last month. Police Officers Joe Hanson, Joe Moore, Joe RaponIMG_20130325_120027-600x338e and Kevin Devlin joined more than 750 other climbers at Three Logan Square. The officers volunteered their own time to march up 50 flights totaling 1088 steps. Their efforts helped to raise more than $180,000 for lung disease education, research and advocacy.

JEER--It is nice to see people sitting outside of restaurants enjoying the spring weather. 
However, it is annoying to watch some of these same individuals trashing the area with their cigarette butts and other waste. It is also annoying that there are some bar owners who could care less about the liter in front of their building. For example, I have noticed at Jacks Twin Bar there are hundreds of butts on the sidewalk and in the street.  There is no butt can or ashtray in sight.It is an eyesore as well as a health issue. Plus the taxpayers of the city have to foot the bill to clean them out of the sewer system. Signed TP

Images-2JEER-- AP Omits ‘Muslim’ from Obama WHCD Joke. By Warner Todd Huston ...In some of its reports on the recent White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD), the Associated Press and much of the mainstream media failed to include one of President Obama’s own gags. AP strangely left out the word “Muslim” in one of Obama’s self-referential jokes. This is just another example of what is wrong with the media today, both nationally and on the local level. TV producers, newscasters, publishers and reporters have forgotten that they are suppose to be advocates for the First Amendment. President George Washington said it best, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."


P1070772JEER--The Gloucester City Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO) has been given an old SUV that was previously used by the fire departmentWritten on the side of the vehicle is Gloucester City Police Parking Authority. Why go through the trouble? From what we have seen no one has been issuing tickets in the Riverview Heights section of our city for sometime. For example, there is an Isuzu SUV on our street that hasn't moved at all for five weeks, and hasn't gotten one ticket. A few days ago I saw the old PEO vehicle riding in front of the street sweeper, and even when the sweeper had to go around a car, it didn't get a ticket. Signed Anonymous


Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 15.26.21JEER--We noticed the street where Mayor James lives, (the 800 block of Monmouth Street) has gotten all new paving and curbs, and the Monmouth Street railroad crossing is so smooth you barely know it is there? Much different than many of other streets in town, some with so many potholes your teeth rattle when your ride on them. Just another example of politicians taking care of themselves, their family and friends, and forgetting the people they are suppose to be serving. Signed Anonymous Two


JEER--On television, Joseph Derrico pursues a monster truck on foot, pulls the driver out of the vehicle and tosses him to the ground. He is on truTV’s “Bear Swamp Recovery,” a reality show Outragedon vehicle repos by the “baddest towing team in Jersey.” Yet, Derrico collects a police disability pension of nearly $70,000 a year. In the eyes of the State of New Jersey, the retired Hamilton Township cop is “totally and permanently disabled” by a leg injury.  Shame on Derrico!  Shame on the state of NJ for allowing him to get away with such a blatant lie!

JEER--The Camden County Department of Public Works began the reconstruction of the Broadway bridge that connects Gloucester City and Brooklawn in August 2012. According to the original press release, issued in May 2012, the estimated construction duration for the work was 15 months. The completion date given at the time was August 2013. Today the project is at a standstill. Where is the construction crew? No one has been working on the site for three weeks. If this work was being done in Haddonfield the project would be a top priority. But, because it is being done in Gloucester City/Brooklawn those in charge are in no hurry to finish it.


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