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NJ Sierra Club Congratulates Sen. Menendez



Senator Menedez has defeated Bob Hugin for U.S Senate. Menendez has made tremendous efforts to help protect New Jersey’s air water and land and we are glad he has been re-elected. Menendez is a proven, steadfast environmental champion, fighting to protect the health of New Jersey’s environment and the well-being of New Jersey families.

Senator Menendez’s victory is a big win for the environment. Now he can continue to lead in the U.S Senate against Trump’s war on the environment. Senator Menendez been an environmental champion for 3 decades. From blocking offshore drilling off the Jersey Shore to cleaning up toxic sites, we can count on Menendez to defend the people over polluters,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club.

Bob Hugin was Senator Menendez’s opponent for U.S Senate. Hugin sides with polluters and special interests over the environment. Bob Hugin’s polluter friendly policies would have added more pollution in the environment and affect the people in New Jersey. Hugin would have undermined green jobs and attack our health at the same time.

Senator Menendez defeated Bob Hugin because Menendez has already stood up to Trump and Republicans in the Senate to protect our environment, public health, and green jobs. Hugin’s dirty fuel future for New Jersey and the nation would have put toxins in our clean air. His support for rollbacks on clean water would have meant more harmful contaminates in our drinking water and our clean water,” said Jeff Tittel, Director of the New Jersey Sierra Club. “Senator Menendez’s win is a win against that Fossil Fool in the Whitehouse. Menendez can now continue to stand up and protect our health and our children’s health from corporate polluters and Trump’s rollbacks on environmental protections.”