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Meredith Gruff Flinn Seeking Your Vote for Gloucester City Board of Education


Most of you know I'm running for the Board of Ed in our current election. There wasn't a large turnout at meet the candidate night, so I'd like to share my statement.

I have resided in Gloucester City most of my life and have strong ties to my community. My Grandfather, the late William Mealey Sr., worked for the Board of Education for many years before retiring. My husband and I plan to continue residing here in Gloucester. We currently have a child in the district.

I’m running for a seat on the Board because I want to make sure every student has an equal opportunity to an excellent education. As a district, we are responsible to provide a comprehensive, well rounded curriculum for students of ALL abilities. I’d like to see our arts, music and athletic departments thrive. We have made many cuts in the past. Many students have suffered because of these cuts. At one time, you could learn to play an instrument beginning in the 4th grade. Our students no longer have that option. Remember, budget cuts like this infringe upon the rights of the students to receive a well rounded education.

A major concern of mine is the future of our paras, they have helped our students immensely over the years. They personally know every student or at least someone in the students family, because they are members of our community. We employ them because we trust them. They literally help form the core of our expectations for our students. Our district would not be the district it is today without them.

Another concern of mine is the education and services our special ed students receive. There is a lack of equity and a reduction of services provided. The needs of our special ed students has been underrepresented for a very long time. I would also like to see something more offered for our general ed kids as well, because their talents and abilities are not yet discovered or recognized. We need to help ALL students work to their full potential. Most parents have no idea what's going on in our district when it comes to this side of education, and to completely understand it, is very time consuming.

Last school year, my running mate Joseph Schili and myself, along with many other members of our community, came together to voice our opinions of what was happening in our district. Joe and I ask questions and take all sides into consideration. We both believe in accountability, effective oversight and transparency.

I personally have taken SPAN courses and I am also fortunate enough to be selected to NJ Partners in Policymaking. I’m currently a dental hygienist, whose experience as a dental team member has taught me the importance of working together as a team, and to support group decisions. I respect diverse points of view and understand the BOE sets the tone for the entire district. I would like to see a stronger, positive relationship between the district and ALL our students and the public it serves.

Joe and I want to see ALL students thrive; the athletes, the musicians, the artists, the general ed, the special ed, and the academically talented. We want them to have an education that prepares them for the 21st century standards that are necessary to be contributing, and competent members of society. We think of it as an investment in our future.

We need your vote on November 6th.


Meredith Gruff

Gloucester City Board of Education Candidate