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It’s a Matter of Life and Death:

Growing Up in a Funeral Home and What I Learned Since  51KNG4dupVL._SX331_BO1 204 203 200_
by Lawrence J. (Gus) Danks (GCHS -1963)
Available on as a paperback and also as a Kindle e-book. (Kindle e-books can be viewed on tablets and phones, as well as on Kindle devices.)

The paperback is $9.97. The e-book is $2.99.

The Amazon book ordering page for it is HERE:
The book is not intended to be a money making effort, but one to help the reader find more happiness in life, assuage some of the natural curiosity about funeral homes that many have, and also to provide a source of encouragement to those facing serious illness or who are recovering from the loss of a family member or friend.
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It's a Matter of Life and Death can help anyone who is:

  • seeking happiness
  • curious about life in a funeral home
  •  facing a serious illness or knows someone else who is grieving and trying to work their way back
  • a health care provider, counselor, or practitioner in the funeral industry trying to help others cope with illness or loss and is seeking an additional or indirect way to convey positive messages
  • seeking a varied discussion guide of what matters in life and what death can teach us
  • looking to give a gift of life and what to value
Table of Contents
Part I - Seeking Happiness 
  • Finding Happiness: It's not about hedonism and "smiley faces", but finding true gratification
  • Death Teaches Us to Value Life Even More
  • Take the Long View: Plan to Live to Be One Hundred 
  •  It's Never Too Late To Make a Difference in Your Life and in Those of Others   
  •  Have a Purpose
  •  Get Better Sleep: It Can Make a Big Difference
  •  Advice from Courageous Survivors and Physicians For Those Facing a Terminal Illnes  
  • Your Thinking Probably Needs Some Improvement
  • "Mid-Life Crisis" is Not a Crisis
  • The Need for a Love of Someone or Something
Part II - Growing Up in a Funeral Home
  • My Father's Routine
  • My Sister, the Embalmer
  • Jack - Our Most Valuable Player
  • My Father, the Coroner
  • Starting in Life and in the Funeral Business
  • My Parent's Faith
  • The Importance of Humility 
  • Who Decides Which Funeral Director?
  • The Medical Examiner's Office and Autopsies
  • Pre-Planning Funerals
  • The Critical Importance of Having a Will
  • Having a Living Will – An Advance Health Care Directive
  • Do Funeral Directors Charge Too Much?
  • Life in the Funeral Home
  • The Condition of the Body
  • Cosmetic and Presentation Skills
  • Funeral Home "Humor"
Part III - The Takeaway from Seven Decades
  • Drug Abuse
  • Giving the Ego a Rest
  • Hospice Care - It Should Often Start Sooner
  • Highly Memorable Funerals
  • Finding What to Say at Viewings and Funerals
  • Eulogies Can Be Excellent Teachers
  • The Funeral Meal
  • After Things Are Over, It Can Get Awfully Lonely
  • Advice from a Long Time Grief Counselor on Handling Grief and Loss and Moving Ahead
  • Thinking We Understand Death
  • My Classmates' Deaths
  • People Who Die Before Their Time
  • Honoring Those Who Died, But Honoring Yourself Too
  • Life after the Death of a Partner
  • Improving Perspective after a Loss
  • Recommended Self-Help Reading: Over thirty terrific resources to help you!