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Incumbent City School Board Member Michelle Wright Explains Reasons for Seeking Re-Election


GLOUCESTER CITY, NJ (November 2, 2018)--Unfortunately, due to family obligations that came along with the passing of my grandmother, I was unable to make “Meet the Candidates”. Below 45232387_10215106053459618_8759970680801329152_nis my statement. I would appreciate your vote and if you could please share my status. I truly believe I am an asset to the Gloucester City Board of Education.

Regretfully, I was unable to make tonight’s “Meet the Candidate” night, however was graciously given the opportunity to provide a brief biography, as well as a statement as to why I would like your vote for a seat on the Gloucester City Board of Education.

To start, my name is Michelle Wright and I have been living in Gloucester City for the last 13 years. I have a son in 8th grade who attends Gloucester City Middle School, am a graduate of Stockton University and currently work as a Product Marketing Engineer at a company named Agilent. I have served on the Board of Education for the last 3 years and in all honesty, it wasn’t an easy decision to re-run.

Why wasn’t it easy?

These last three years while sometimes rewarding was also many times very tough.

Our district, has had funding that is not meeting up to the rising costs of just about everything else. For the past three years, us as Board of Education members have spent hours upon hours upon hours of our own time, away from our families, and missing our own children’s events, in order to dig through financials, ask questions, debate, do research and find any way we possibly could, in order to do what is best for our students, our tax payers and our staff.

During these three years I am proud to say that I feel like we did the very best we could for all three of those groups. We were able to provide all of our staff with reasonable raises, we settled contracts, and we had no mass layoffs, however we were met with discontent, we were picketed, and we were at times even berated.

I am in-fact, the only board member who has served in full these last three long and hard years, who has decided to rerun.

So, why did I decide to rerun?

Because I am passionate about being on the Board. I know my work ethic. I know that I will do my best to make what I honestly FEEL is the best decision. I have no agenda other than to take any given situation and research it, debate it, get all of the pros and the cons, weigh them and decide to do what I think is best for the students, for the taxpayers and for the great staff we have at all of our schools.

I would appreciate your vote and welcome any questions via Facebook or Email.

Thank you.