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Dawn Watson's Just Sayin': My Fantasy Life


Dawn Watson | CNBNewsnet




  GLOUCESTER CITY NJ (November 5,2018)(CNBNewsnet)--  Anyone that knows me can gauge what I’m watching on television by the way I look and act—I follow the lead of the season premieres of my favorite shows.


   As an avid fan of Survivor, you’re likely to find me buying coconuts at the ShopRite dressed in a sarong or a blouse that hides a bathing suit top. Family sitcoms have me dressed casually and being sarcastic but when viewing Dancing with the Stars you’re liable to see me walking my dogs with sparkles on my face and a pair of mid-heeled pumps.


   I donned a wide-brimmed hat while watching a show called Outsiders; when it abruptly ended I threw away my gingham dress and placed my hiking boots in the back of the closet.


   I’m a big fan of the series, Vikings. During the first four seasons I perfected braids and eating with my hands. When the new season comes out I’ll be ready as soon as I can find a course called Pillaging 101.


   I’ve been known to buy kitchen appliances to keep up with my favorite cooking shows and I borrowed a sewing machine in the middle of season 8 of Project Runway, convinced that I could create an award-winning evening gown. Because my funds were limited I used a bedsheet instead of buying material and my finished creation was fit only for Halloween or as a uniform for a subversive group of hatemongers.


   I felt obliged to dress regally during the many seasons of Game of Thrones and neighbors said they heard me mutter, “Winter is Coming” even when it hit ninety degrees outside. I even briefly considered adopting a wolf.


   I’m buying a van and the one in the movie Dumb and Dumber holds a certain appeal. However, I’m not certain if wearing an orange tuxedo will fit in with my future traveling plans.


   I suppose I’m allowing myself to get too deeply involved in a made-up world. But as a writer I deal in the creation of make-believe all the time. I enjoy crossing back and forth between reality and fantasy, allowing my imagination to flourish without losing sight of the real world.


   I refuse to let go of the yin and yang of the gray fog versus the rainbow. I have experienced loss and grief in real life—the balance of allowing my mind to roam to other places, other times, frees me from from a depression so crippling that it weighs me down.


   It may seem odd that a woman of a certain age occasionally takes on the personae of a different character. But my friends have accepted my “different-ness” as a normal part of my make-up and seem amused by my harmless eccentricities.


  If you should see Queen Victoria out walking her dogs or a Viking warrior driving a furry van down Broadway, don’t be alarmed; it’s only me, a woman with a big imagination, a couple of novels under her belt, and a column in the news, living life and enjoying every minute of it.

Just Sayin’

Dawn Watson

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