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Help Wanted: Casting for Feature Film Shooting in South Jersey

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Contact Information
Contact: Mark Mazzeo Mazzeo
Phone: Private
Email: gplmark@gmail.com


Casting The Last White Man. This is a self funded project, so unfortunately we are unable to pay actors and crew. We are looking for passionate actors who are available, reliable, and flexible. Must be available on weekends as most or all of shooting will be done on weekends. We are looking to start shooting some time between January and March and would continue until complete, shooting mostly exteriors first to capture the winter look the film requires and interiors as we can after that.

As of now, 13 days of shooting are planned, and the approximate number of days each actor would be needed for will be listed with the role (which absolutely could change as needed down the road). Meals and copy will be provided. Must be able to work as a local in South Jersey in the Gloucester County area. Our last feature film Something Better Comes Along, a sizzle reel for this project, and other work we’ve done can be seen at my website www.markmazzeo.com. Auditions and most or all shooting would be in and around the Gloucester County area of South Jersey.

Please submit headshot and reel to be considered.

Synopsis:Karl Gordon, an underemployed pizza delivery boy works in his quiet suburban hometown where romantic, professional, and social failures fuel his hatred for the changing world around him, setting him on a course that can only lead to carnage.

KARL GORDON (25-35), white male: a pushing 30 pizza delivery boy who lives with his mom; Karl’s warped worldview and shifting perception of reality shape his interactions with the people in his life; he spends his time ruminating on the modern world and his place in it; when we first meet him, he’s stalking an ex-girlfriend, fuming that she doesn’t want a “real man” like him; eventually he meets Keisha, a young black woman, and finds his worldview at odds with his feelings for her; Karl is in every scene of the movie, therefore whoever is cast must be available for every shoot day; right now we have 13 days planned, but that could change; there are also a lot of Karl only scenes that we might be able to do a little bit at a time on weeknights if that works out better than using a whole weekend day for them; would also be required to do a day of voiceover recording.

Keisha Booker (25-35) black female: a young black woman who works at a local marketing firm as a brand manager; she meets Karl when he delivers pizza to her apartment; she finds Karl to be somewhat strange, but also intriguing; Keisha asks him out, thinking she can help him loosen up; it soon becomes clear that his problems are more than Keisha bargained for; needed for approximately five shoot days.

Kevin Brown (25-35) black male: Keisha’s best friend who happens to be gay, much to Karl’s chagrin; Karl begins to see Kevin as an obstacle in his courtship of Keisha; needed for approximately three shoot days.

Lindsey West (18-25) white female: a college student in her early 20s; she briefly dated Karl but dumped him due to his myriad of personality defects; Karl stalks her as she goes to school, dates, and lives her daily life; needed for approximately two shoot days.

Vinnie Rizzo (45-65) white male: Karl’s only friend and the owner of Goomba’s Pizza where Karl works; Vinnie, an old school Italian American, acts as Karl’s sounding board and tries to give Karl advice in a fatherly manner, which Karl often takes the wrong way, resulting in disaster; needed for approximately three shoot days.

Braden Carlisle (18-25) white male: another delivery driver who works with Karl at Goomba’s pizza and a friend of Lindsey’s; Karl views him alternately as someone to impress and a “cuck”; needed for approximately three shoot days.

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