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Elmer, New Jersey, November 4, 2018 – Appel Farm Arts and Music Center introduced their new array of solar panels with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

 “At the state level, we are looking for new renewable energy sources. This is the way of the future, and Appel Farm is always ahead of the game,” Taliaferro said.

 The event included speakers Executive Director Cori Solomon, 3rd Legislative District General Assemblyman Adam Taliaferro, President of the Board of Trustees Mary Bliss, Board Member Ronnie Cimprich, Board Member Jack Cimprich and representatives from RCL Enterprises, Inc. The ceremony was celebrated alongside Family Camp Weekend, an Appel Farm program that allows for families to experience camp as a family. In addition to workshops, classes and family activities, attendees were invited to attend the ribbon-cutting.


The solar panels were donated by Jack and Ronnie Cimprich. Living in a house powered by solar panels, Jack and Ronnie brought together their passions for Appel Farm, the arts and green energy through their donation.


“We are thrilled about what renewable energy means to Appel Farm and the world at large,” Jack said.


The 219 solar panels will provide clean energy to the site’s dining hall. The panels will provide 91,343 kWh of energy per year, the equivalent to 8,502 gallons of gas each year, 91,160 computers run per day or 276,221 light bulbs on per day.


“This is a wonderful step in the direction of Appel Farm that not only helps everyone be their best selves, but takes a really important role in doing the right thing for our community,” Solomon said.