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Get Some Fall Fishing In! Register with the Saltwater Registry NOW!


TRENTON, NJ (November 2018)--All saltwater anglers are reminded to register with the FREE NJ Saltwater Recreational Registry Program (NJSRRP) prior to fishing. Registrations expire on December 31 and must be renewed annually. Anglers who were previously registered but haven't renewed for 2018 should do so before fishing. 1200 copy 4

*Registrations can be renewed for 2019 beginning on December 15th.

Anglers with a valid license/registration from another state, or a NJ freshwater license, are still required to register with the NJSRRP.

Visit for more information or to register. To renew a previous registration, select "RENEW ANY REGISTRATION". Anglers or for-hire vessel owners/operators who have not registered with the NJSRRP previously should select "NEW INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION" or "NEW FOR-HIRE REGISTRATION" respectively.

After registering, become part of the fishery management process!

Submit fishing reports after each saltwater trip to the NJ Volunteer Angler Survey. Your fishing reports, whether you caught zero or 50 fish, can help improve saltwater fishing opportunities in NJ. Scientists, stakeholders, public officials and many others all have a hand in making recreational fishing regulations. But if you’re an angler, the process ultimately revolves around you. What we learn from anglers is critical to understand the health of fisheries. You can have a real impact on our resources and how they are managed.

Report online:

Or… fill out a datasheet, take a picture with your phone & email us: