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How to Connect with Customers Online


(CNBNewsnet)(November 5, 2018)--If your goal is to use the Internet to sell your business’s products, then you’ve got to do more than only focus on that elusive sale. Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 14.33.24You have to be intent on connecting with your customers, too. This is because, quite simply, if you are unable to forge a relationship with the people that are buying your products online, they won’t want to buy a single thing from you!

Here’s what you need to do connect with your customers online:


Indulge in some email marketing


Email marketing is not just something that you can do to sell yourself and your products. It’s also a great way to connect with your customers — if you do it correctly, that is. An essential aspect of understanding how to do email marketing properly with the goal being to boost customer connections is learning how to tell stories with the emails that you send out. Doing this will make your business and its brand seem more human, and it’ll help customers TO understand your better when they can relate to the stories that you tell. Something else that you should do when you decide to indulge in some email marketing in this instance is to make sure you send out wishes to your customers every time it is their birthday. If you can afford to, offer them a present at this time as well.



Offer a succinct and personalized digital experience


If your customers are determined to only ever interact with you online, then you have to go out of your way to ensure that their digital experience with you is as succinct and as personalized as it can be. It should be succinct in the sense that your customers should be able to interact with you and your site freely and without interruption — this means ensuring your site is easy to use and live at all times, especially when it comes to mobile devices. Your customer’s online experience with you should be personalized as, when they are, they will begin to feel a sense of loyalty to you — to show personalization you should seek to remember information about your clients when you converse with them via email.



Bring your business to them at all times


Even online, people don't like going out of their way to find information out about a business. They like it brought to them, which is why you should seek to do this at all times. This means using the social media sites that your target customer base is most likely to use. As well this, you should be planting a live chat feature on your website so that your customers can interact with you without having to go through the hassle of finding out your contact details.



Today, it’s just as important to connect with your customers online as it is to connect with them in the real world. This is because most of your sales will be done via the web, and more people are spending their time traipsing around the Internet than they are brick-and-mortar stores.