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How to Organize and Run a Successful Pop-Up in Six Easy Steps



(CNBNewsnet)(November 7,2018)--Pop-ups are incredibly popular and for a good reason. They are fun, can focus primarily on giving an experience that is memorable Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 14.33.24and fun to their customers and can, more importantly, bring a huge boost to a brand’s awareness and help sell a lot of products all at once. Pop-ups are great for business, and can easily be budgeted for precisely due to their ephemeral nature.

Indeed, the pop-up store is a trend that is here to stay. You can benefit too by opening up your own pop-up store, but first, you need to follow this guide so that you can gain the greatest ROI and see widespread success.

Come Up with a Novel Idea

Perhaps they harken back to a cult era, or perhaps they simply have some fun designs, or perhaps they are art exhibits for sale like this one in LA. Either way, when it comes to designing your pop-up theme, you need it to be interesting and for the experience itself to feel worthwhile. Designing a pop up that looks great in a single photo, but then does not live up to its promise will only sour your company’s reputation. You can make a very successful business by operating sales around different pop-up themes, but you need to put creativity and fun at the center of your focus.


Choose a Great Time of the Year to Open

Pop-ups are not open year-round. In fact, some might only last a week or maybe a month. That is what makes them so appealing to customers. They need to get in on time in order to experience something before it goes away for good. Thankfully, this short-term nature of your pop up will work in your favor, whether you want to open a great Christmas pop up or simply offer a design-focused one at an otherwise “dead” time of the year.


Design, Design, Design

Design and art are at the front of every pop-up. Whether it is available in what you sell, or how you decorate and design your store or both – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that your customers see your store online in marketing and consider it a must that they visit you to see and experience your pop up first hand.


Acquire the Funding

As pop-ups have a set, limited time, budgeting for them can be a lot easier. Your first run will likely require a loan, but if you are successful enough, you can easily pay that off, make a profit, and have the budget to create another pop-up experience down the line.


Find the Perfect Location

Once you have the plan and the funding, all that is left is to find the right location and to implement your ideas once and for all. There are a variety of different spaces that you could operate from as well. You could rent out a storefront on the main street for a month, or you could partner with a larger department store and run your pop up from the floor. Then, of course, there are also markets and conventions that you could make an appearance in. The right choice will depend on your needs and on your budget.


Once you have found that ideal spot, it is time to finally start creating the space. Put as much thought into the design and flow of the space as you do to the more technical experiences that your guests will enjoy. Having an easy EMV terminal for payments is perfect, for example, especially if your products are all under the monetary limit. This can make checkout fast, easy, and painless and allow you to get through a number of customers in very little time.


Market it Excessively

Finally, market it. You will want to rely on social media, on local travel magazines and sites, and of course influencer marketing. If your pop up is deemed enough of a “must-do” experience for the month, you shouldn’t have too much trouble when it comes to PR and advertising. Encourage all your guests to share their experience on social media, and you can grow your reach and influence exponentially.


Pop-ups are widely successful because they cash in on both the experience market and by appealing to the FOMO felt by younger generations. If you can market your pop up successfully, you could have a queue outside your door for every day you are open, just because people are desperate to take part in this new cult classic that has graced their city. Achieve this notoriety, and you will have established yourself as a great pop up provider – just remember to switch up your theme for your next project.